Microsoft & interactive videos

Microsoft shows the way forward for interactive video

Microsoft has recently announced that they have built a new video production studio in L.A, set to revolutionise how their customers play with their Xbox’s. With current figures showing that users spend an average of 87 hours a month on their Xbox’s, with the majority of this being on non-gaming content, Xbox is set out to create a new way for customers to play with interactive content on their screens. (

Microsoft to go interactive

Microsoft announce they are exploring interactive content

Is 2013 the year of interactive video?

With Microsoft making such a bold move into the realm of interactivity, and Coca-cola’s chase ad being released during the superbowl; we think those companies that have been toying with the idea of video interactivity will follow suite in 2013.

Our research shows that customers are ready to embrace mobile video technology. In 2012, 13.2 million video ads were being watched per day, with 12 million of these being watched on mobile over the last 6 months. We think that this shows it’s the perfect time for companies to adopt their current video ads and engage customers through their mobiles.

Coca-cola's interactive ad

Coca-cola’s interactive chase ad played throughout the superbowl

By using interactive videos the possibilities for both brands and customers are endless…..

Interactive videos via mobile and desktop can completely change consumer attitudes towards a product, momentarily customers are simply passive players in a world full of adverts and products and cannot build a real relationship with a brand. By adding an interactive element to videos customers can really engage with a product or a brand and can take control of their user experience.

Not only this but interactive videos can be highly beneficial in the education and industry sector, with the amount of online courses increasing interactive technology can give learners a deeper involvement with their learning materials at their own convenience.

We are excited for the year ahead here at Touchalize and remember you heard it here first…. 2013 is this year for big things……watch this space!