8 Things to Know When Hiring an Escort


Whether you find a new friend from a Toronto escort agency or are seeking other similar escort services, there are few rules of the game you’ll need to know if it’s your first time. We’ve compiled some basic tips that you should be aware of to have a successful experience.

  1. Know the Laws and Restrictions in Your Location

Laws concerning escort services vary from place to place, so it’s wise to do some research to discover precisely what won’t get you in jail or legal trouble. It’s also a good idea to investigate the escort agency and whether they have set rules for dates with providers.

  1. Know Your Budget

Many escorts set their own rates while agencies might have set ones depending on your desires. Fees are typically for one or two hours with additional hours provided on request. VIP services will cost more, so know how much time you can afford before contacting an agency or escort service.

  1. Know What You Want in an Escort

There are male and female escorts of all shapes and sizes, many of who have preferences they are willing to meet while others decline. You’ll find some of the limitations on the services policy webpage discussing restrictions, which you might find on their FAQ page. So, if you’re looking for a threesome opportunity as a couple, be sure the provider is okay with that.

  1. Be On Time for Your Appointment

Time is money for escorts, and they aren’t likely to make an appointment with you again if you don’t show up or arrive too late past the scheduled time. And most importantly, don’t expect a refund or time extension due to your tardiness.

  1. Cancellations Should Be Made ASAP

If you need to cancel or reschedule a session, make sure that you give them at least 12 hours’ notice so they can meet with another client in your place.

  1. Always Be Respectful

From the time of scheduling to the actual date, always be respectful of those you’re working with. Answering the door naked or not having the proper tools for your plans is not sexy or respectful of their time. If you didn’t prepay, do so upon their arrivals as opposed to making them ask for it.

  1. Gifts and Tipping

While it’s not required, offering a tip or token of appreciation is always welcomed by escorts. While the process is optional, you’re likely to get better service and special attention for doing so.

  1. To Review or Not Review

Some escorts don’t want reviews, but many do if they are respectful. Avoid vulgarity and sensitive details about your experience, and always ask prior to leaving one.

Final Thoughts

Some things you absolutely should not do whether you use an escort agency or other service include asking for personal information or alluding to their private lives. This is not appreciated and could get you banned from using the company again. Otherwise, you’ll have a great experience with these key tips on hand.