A simple guide to securing the best strippers for a bucks night


Your buddy is getting married. That’s great. For a moment you are super stoked that he chose you as the best man. That means of all the men in his life, he values you the most. You get to keep the rings safe and deliver the reception toast of the century. Of course, you need to plan and take care of the ultimate send-off and find strippers for bucks events. This requires a lot of thought and planning than many might think. You may need some help in making sure that the bucks party is spectacular without breaking the bank.

Bring cash

The obvious place to find a bucks party stripper is at a strip club. They have created a whole industry around bucks parties and offer the best experience. Most strip clubs have packages that cost a couple of hundred dollars however you should make sure that this is more than just offering space to hang out with your guests and over-priced bottle service. Some clubs might even charge you for you to the DJ to give a shoutout to your friend. There might even be some comical bit that involves a lap dance on stage. You should know that just because it’s a buck party, you won’t be subjected to the same hustle of trying to flag girls to your table and having them try to figure out if your group and get the cash in your wallet but leave your bank cards at home. This way, when money has really run out.

Most people do not know that strippers for bucks parties start their performances in the red. They have to pay the house fee and have to make money to keep the DJ playing their favourite songs, the bouncers taking care of their security also need to be tipped. For a stripper, stripping is a job and the club is their office. Try to keep that in mind. They will be happy to dance for you as long as you keep tipping well. When you are tapped out, they need to find someone else to make their money off.

Follow the rules

The secret to having a good strip club experience is to follow the rules. You can be drunk and loud but you should follow the rules as much as you can. Do not touch the dancers, don’t be that creep that everyone will want to avoid. If you are not sure what inappropriate behaviour means, you should ask. Strip clubs are different and so are the rules but common decency is a universal concept.
It can be hard in a group setting to get everyone to behave in a certain way, so it’s a good way to have a talk about the ”rules of engagement”. You know the people in your group, you should know who is most likely to misbehave when drunk and who is not.

Always plan in advance

Some guys think that you can just show up at a strip club and announce to everyone that it’s your buddy’s bucks night. That doesn’t get your attention and the service you might think you should get but it will get the stripper’s attention. If you want something special, check out strip clubs with special bucks party packages. Check out websites, look up reviews, and book weeks in advance. There’s nothing worse than having your friend who entrusted you with the most important role in his wedding show up to a strip club that has not made provisions for your special send-off. You may never live dropping this ball down.