Best Reasons To Date An Asian


Love is something we all need. It doesn’t matter what color, race, or religion you are from, we all deserve love.

In this world, we have so many types of people. But for some reason, Asians are loved by everyone. There is something about Asian people that attracts others.

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Why should you date an Asian?

The question should be why shouldn’t you date an Asian? They are lovely people and have many good qualities that you will love.

Here are some legit reasons why should date an Asian:

Very humble

No questions asked, Asians are the humblest people you will meet. Both Asian men and women are humble and polite in their behavior. They love to greet people and are always very appreciative of others. If you respect an Asian, they will respect you back.

Very friendly

Most Asians you will meet are very friendly by nature. They love being friends with foreigners and don’t believe in discrimination. There’s no doubt that they can be great lovers. They always care for their partners and stand by their side whenever they need them. This is one special quality that can make anyone date an Asian.

Smart people

You must have come across many jokes and memes talking about the average Asian IQ. This is no joke, but Asians are very smart people. They have the highest average IQ. So if you are attracted to smart and intelligent people, then you should consider dating an Asian. They can easily help you with your studies and assignments.

Good influencers

Asians are always up to something new. Having an Asian partner means you will get to learn something new every day. They are great achievers and love to influence others to do better.

Asians have all the good qualities and more that you would want in your partner. So if you are desperately looking for a partner, you can date an Asian.