Buying Quality Tenga Sex Toy From An Online Sex Shop


Who never thought buying sex toys would be such a fantastic gift to yourself and your partner? The alms of pleasure and opportunity to expand one’s sexual exploration is what we would have been aspiring for quite a while. We stumbled upon “the screamer” at and were blown away to say it mildly. We were looking for something to add to our collection and to try on before the year ends! I’ve found myself browsing catalogues from a strap on dildo to the most popular Fleshlight products online.

As a couple, we have tried out a couple of sex toys, such as vibrators. While we don’t have a number of them at our disposal, the ones we use tend to last much longer. Not to mention that we often exhaust all the ideas before we try looking for different ones. I have not been much of a user of sex toys in the past. But I appreciate the joy it brings whenever I use them with my partner to shift the mood and elevate the excitement. Foreplay seems to be more thrilling, ending up with a mind-blowing orgasm, from typical orals to experimental intercourse positions. 

Sex Toy Experience With

Clitoral and penis stimulation is one of the most effective paths to climax and satisfy orgasm. As we look for toys in an online sex shop in Singapore, we have recently bought those toys from Tenga, a vibrator ring from While we have tried a vibrator ring before, we decided to purchase a vibrator ring variant to try something new but familiar. 

Overall, the product’s silicone material is smooth on the skin. It’s also simple and easy to use, which makes it pleasant to take and off during insertion without discomfort. It’s also waterproof, and the silicone material makes it straightforward and quick to clean. The maintenance care doesn’t need to use any fancy cleaning agent. A simple wash with warm water or a mild soap will do enough. All that experience is for an affordable price and serves excellent for those who don’t have much experience using sex toys. It’s our first time to experience using a Tenga sex toy. On the other hand, Horny.SG sex shop online provides quick delivery. Hence we manage to get a hold of the product soon after.

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