Change the way you look at life with erotic massage 


erotic massage is something that is misinterpreted, and people do not understand what exactly is erotic massage. This massage does not have too long, but it should feel luxurious, indulgent, sensual, and more connected to your bodies.

Erotic massage is more recommended to be included in the sexual life but is not linked to sexual intercourse. It is because it releases stress, and just like every other massage, this massage is good for the body. It also connects you to your partner on such a beautiful level because you are intimate. It is claimed to be closer than actual intercourse.

The techniques that the massagist use for erotic massage 

Suppose you want to know about spiritual awareness and the connection of mind, body, and soul, then VITAL.HELP might help you. During the erotic massage, the massagist uses many techniques to get their clients ready for bringing out the best from this experience. The methods are as follow:

  • It is setting the atmosphere – the first thing that the massagist focuses on is the room’s setting. If this needs to be done to heal the body, it should be done in a scary place, creating that frightening space. They do that by lighting candles, incents, good background music, meditation, and putting some love and surrounding into your surroundings.
  • Correct measures of using techniques – the massagist knows about the anatomy and the muscles that need to be activated, but if they do not, they know what feels right and relaxes the body. Thye knows about the tensed areas that need to be massaged, but when they rub, they massage rub in a slow, controlled manner with some intense pressure.
  • Being present  – of course, the massagist do not want to pull your nerves and increase the pain instead of healing it, so, for this, they need to be present at the moment and focus on what they are doing. The one thing that keeps them on track is breathing when; when you focus on your breathing, you can not be distracted, and they use the same techniques.
  • Using thumb, palm, elbow, and full-body, they try to have all sorts of different contacts and to do that, they massage with their thumbs, with the palm of their hand, their elbow so that it does not hurt and even with your knees. In erotic massage, they even slide down along their shoulder blades and then produce their whole body onto their body, and you feel that weight in the entire body is touching. The more skin contact, the more sensual and calming it becomes.