Couple Amsterdam Escort Service


Sweet Girls Escort clients often have great problems choosing a single woman for their Escort Experience, and many other men have a secret desire: to have sex with two women at the same time, or with their partner and escort, or even with another man. . These are undeniable wishes that often never come true unless you rely on the experience of an escort agency and the very popular Couple Amsterdam Escort Service. This is an escort service offered by every agency. They can be people who want to do three things happily and never get the chance to do it.

Couple Amsterdam Escort Service: How does it work?

Sweet Girls Escort Agency offers an Escort Service where you can pick up different variants. Please visit It is one of the most sold and appreciated services of all customers and that the girls also appreciate it. It also allows you to personalize other services and chat with other people.

Usually, this escort service comes in three variants, which differ from each other according to the identity of the third party involved in the Couple Amsterdam escort service. The three options are:

– Threesome with partner and escort babe.

– Threesomes with two female escorts at the same time.

-Threesome with a girl and another boy.

Here are the differences between the three variants of the best Escort Service.

Threesomes with a partner and an escort babe: This is the kind of threesome you can have if you have a partner who appreciates your sexual fantasy. With this Amsterdam Escort Service you can achieve this with the unique participation of a beautiful Amsterdam Escort Girl. You’ll get double smoked, perform transgression positions, and see how the skills of your partner and the escort you hire compare. Who will win this hot challenge?

Threesomes with two women at once: This is the most popular erotic fantasy of our clients. You can choose two beautiful women from our Sweet Girls Escort and have sex with them at the same time. Again, you can have oral sex with her, have fun and receive it, and recreate situations you’ve only seen in porn movies, like hot lesbian action, all thanks to Couple Amsterdam Escort Service.

Threesomes with a woman and another man: If you are not afraid to face another man or you have a friend with whom you share this fantasy, you will be glad that this Escort service offers this option as well. You can have sex with your boyfriend and one of our girls or we can bring a gigolo to have sex with you. You can also push to the edge and double entrance and other very hot things.

As you can see, it is possible to satisfy a number of ridiculously erotic fantasies within the Couple Amsterdam Escort Service. Just choose the situation that interests you the most, and the agency will do everything to meet all your requirements.

What to do to get the most out of Couple Amsterdam Escort Service

Here are a number of helpful tips on what to do to get the most out of this great Amsterdam escort service:

– Remember to always be courteous and polite to the escorts involved in the escort service.

– All sex you have with this Amsterdam escort service must strictly be done with the use of a condom and this rule applies to oral sex.

-We know it’s not very comfortable, especially in a hot environment like Couple Amsterdam Escort Service, but you have to change the condom every time you start fucking with a new girl. Yes, you read that right, you need to stop, take off the condom you have on, make a new one and start having sex with another woman. This is the only way to guarantee maximum protection against diseases for all participants of the escort service.

– Every orgy participant should wash before sex and should have clean towels and soap available.

– Please note that for privacy reasons, you cannot take photos or videos during the Couple Amsterdam escort service and for the duration of your escort experience in Amsterdam.