Even Escorts Experience Downtime – Change That With These Simple Tips


This year has demonstrated to many sex workers that not even the oldest profession in the world is immune to interruption. For those that rely solely on sex work as their income, finding ways to productively fill the time can be difficult, particularly as it can eventually take a toll on your mental health. Although it may initially seem as if you can do little during this time, there are actually a lot of self-care and professional investments you can make to ensure that you come out of the quitter periods stronger than ever. In this article, we take a look at what a few of these might involve to help you to launch into work after the quiet period is over.

Keep your name out there

It doesn’t matter if you’re an escort in Newcastle, Melbourne, or wherever else in Australia – paying close attention to the same few pointers will help you to emerge from quiet times stronger than ever. A great example of this is leaning heavily on social media – social media can be effectively utilised from anywhere in the world to interact with customers and post interesting updates. Doing so is a lot more effective than it might initially seem – by your client-base seeing updates from you regularly, they’re far less likely to forget about you when things get back into full swing once more. In this way, consider social media is a free form of advertising. One of the things you can do during quiet times that pairs perfectly with social media presence is updating your photos – whether people are highly familiar with you or have just discovered you for the first time, presenting a selection of brand new and imaginative photos can help drive them to seek you out as soon as they are able to. In this way, you can supplement your existing catalogue of photos to demonstrate your range and diversity as a sex worker. Although these will find a permanent home on your escort profile, sharing them on social media is a great way to get them out and share them as quickly as possible.

How long has it been since you’ve updated your details?

If you haven’t updated your profile in a while, this is also something that requires little time investment but offers a big payoff. Revising your about me and changing up your look can both excite old clients and encourage new ones, and it requires only a little bit of your time and imagination to do effectively. Similarly, you might also consider changing your rates if you’re finding that it’s difficult to land a client due to competition – just make sure that you don’t lower them too much, as this can actually negatively affect your appeal, even if your intention is to get as much work as possible or attract new clients.

Investing time and energy pays off

Just remember that even if you don’t have a strong of clients booked, staying on top of highly productive measures like revised and reimagined branding and marketing can help you to come out of quiet periods stronger than ever. By preparing to maximise your exposure when you have comparatively little, you are directly helping drive customers to you, rather than resting on your laurels. Although being a sex worker is never easy, investing in yourself is by far the best way to make your job as efficient as possible.