Everything You Need To Know About Celeb Jihad


Porn sites are available all over the internet. Their popularity is increasing with each passing day. People of all ages consider watching different categories and genres of porn videos online. This is mainly because of the easy availability and accessibility of these porn videos. Celeb Jihad is one such type of online website where people can watch porn. However, this online porn site features leaked private or sexual videos of many celebrities.

What is Celeb Jihad? 

This online website posts these celebrity sex videos as a sign of jihad satire. It was established almost eight years back as a mere celebrity satire gossip online site. The main idea was to share leaked sexual videos of Hollywood stars that had never been seen before. This online also publishes celebrity rumors, assumptions, speculations, opinions, and other factual information.

The owner of this website wanted to curb the controversial celebrity culture in America. Most of the content on this platform is believed to be stolen from any hacked smartphone. They have allegedly released images, videos, and other controversial clips of celebrities. It posted nude pictures of several actresses such as Katharine McPhee, Miley Cyrus, Lindsey Vonn, Kristen Stewart, Tiger Woods, and others.

What can you find in Celeb Jihad? 

The Celeb Jihad website can be found in blog form. The posts shared on this page are mainly of celebrities who have accidentally shown off a little bit of their skin or even got naked. The content type on this platform ranges from paparazzi pictures to magazine covers. This website does not leave the slightest opportunity to talk about or write about these American celebrities and their culture.

However, these sex tapes of famous actresses, models, personalities, and singers are not necessarily all real. Some of them have been found out to be fake. People can easily visit the website and access the videos and the pictures and the blog post written for each video or picture. This website is unlike many other online porn sites. It does not feature porn videos of everyone but the celebrities in America.

Absence of features

This online website is quite well functioning. It works extremely well, and also the streaming experience on this website is very impressive. The only drawback of this website is that the viewers would not adjust the playback quality on this platform. Another important feature missing on this online website is that people would not be able to download anything from this website. This is because the download option is absent from here. Apart from the absence of these features, the layout of this page is pretty easy and simple.