Everything You Should Know About Penis Exercises


To get started with the exercises, we have included one of the exercises here for free.

Warm up

One of the most crucial, for a good penis exercise routine, is the heating of the penis. It is also a good idea to end an exercise with a warm-up. The warm-up helps in the effectiveness of the penis exercises, reduces the risk of injury, and increases the blood supply to the penis.

To perform the heating, use a cloth or small towel and warm water. The cloth or towel is soaked in the warm water so that it is soaked. The water should not be “burning”, preferably 45-50 degrees so it is unbearable. Wrap the penis and testicles in the warm cloth. It may feel a little strange the first few times, maybe even a little painful due to the heat, but you learn to quickly adjust the temperature to suit your best.

Penis heating

Hold the cloth in place around the penis for 1 minute, when the time has passed, take it off and wash in warm water again. The exercise is repeated 2-3 times. The heat causes the penis to expand and hang further down, making it easier to perform the exercises.

Jelq Exercises

This exercise is one of the core exercises in most penis enlargement programs. The Jelq exercises have their origins in Arab culture. The story goes that a large penis was a sign of strength and the Arabs developed this exercise to lengthen their penis. Whether the story is true or false does not matter, the fact is that the exercises work.

As with most exercises, the jelq exercises should not be performed until after the end of penis heating. For the exercise need a form of glidecream (baby oil can be used fine). Lubricate the penis well in glidecream and start by getting the penis partially erected (70-80%). Hold the penis with an “ok” sign (see picture), it prevents the blood from running back into the body. Gently push the index finger and thumb forward, this pushes the blood out into the head of the penis. The general idea is that the more blood that is collected in the head, the thicker and larger it becomes.

Jelq Exercise

Start by using your preferred hand (in this case the right one) to milk down from the root of the penis to the head. When your right hand is near the penis head, grab the root with the left and milk down. Continue this process if you have the time / desire. This exercise causes the cells to reproduce faster due to the pressure on them. This Jeql exercise can be done both standing or sitting.

Phalogenics penis exercise program

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