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If you’re reading this then the chances are, you occasionally watch porn. Not to worry, it’s perfectly normal, millions of people do so as well. However, beyond just watching porn the real question most are unaware of is, how or what is the best way to watch porn videos?

Well, here are a few tips we recommend on how you should be watching pornstar videos today…

  1. Take The Time for Self-Exploration.

Normally, when watching porn and masturbating, it’s usually an act that’s purely based on pleasure and joy, however, not many people actually do it right. What I mean by that is, they don’t take the time to enjoy the experience in its entirety and instead they just simply go straight to the finish line as though they are running a sprint instead of a marathon, which is a big mistake. As you watch porn videos, there should be some level of preparation and build-up that comes as part of the process before the eventual climax. It goes beyond just the simple goal of relief but it can and should also be a journey of personal self-discovery. What is it that you like? What keeps you going? The more you take the time to find your trigger points the better and more enjoyable it will be when you eventually have real sex with your partner.

  1. Simulate The Real Experience.

When watching porn, it’s imperative that you try to simulate as much movement and activity as you would normally experience in real sex. In most cases, we mostly tend to either be fitted or laid back with almost little to no movement with the exception being our hand(s), which is not helpful in the grand scheme of things. You must be able to simulate real sexual activity, where your body and hips are moving etc… because in doing so, similar things happen during real sexual intercourse and don’t forget while masturbation is indeed for self-satisfaction, it’s also a training process for the real challenge.

  1. Be Gentle With Yourself.

Most that masturbate, particularly men, have a tendency to grip too hard or be too rough with themselves in an effort to achieve sexual relief. The reality is, the more you do that the more difficult you make it for you to achieve sexual satisfaction during real intercourse. This is because your body begins to adjust to the harsh/hard treatment and as a result, you end up getting too used to it. This can lead up to you not being able to orgasm from having oral or even vaginal sex, which is not a good thing (obviously).

  1. Practice How To Last.

What this means is practice, the edging technique. For those unfamiliar, this is basically the act of bringing yourself to the near point of release without actually going over the edge and finishing. It’s sort of like standing on a cliff’s edge but taking care not to fall over. You can do this by cooling off and taking your hands away for a few minutes to bring down the pleasure before you go back up again and repeat the process. It helps you be more conscious of your limits, how to control yourself and also how to last longer in bed with your partner!

We hope this little handy guide will put you on the path to enjoying your pornstar watching experience moving forward, till next time!