How to Avoid Falling for a Sex Doll Scam


You don’t have to be heavily involved in the world of realistic sex dolls to see that these dolls are really gaining traction right now. Not only has society loosened up quite a bit as far as its feelings toward the use of sex dolls and other sex toys, but the pandemic found many people who never might have considered a doll before finding out firsthand how useful they can be.

However, when demand rises for something that also represents a decent investment – like a good-quality sex doll – prospective buyers need to make sure they’re spending their money on a legitimate product. Here’s a look at what you need to know to better spot possible scams and ensure your future realistic sex doll is everything she’s supposed to be.

Don’t rush your purchase decision.

Naturally, the fact that you’re even reading this is a good sign that you’re an intelligent consumer with no intention of simply buying the first realistic doll you find online. But remember, a sex doll is arguably as important a purchase as a new computer or smartphone, so it’s crucial to think your decision through.

Plan to do a decent amount of research on all your options before finalizing a purchase. Take the time to fully explore your options, as well as look into the reputation of the manufacturer and vendor you’re thinking of buying from. When you wind up with a truly incredible purchase to enjoy, you’ll be glad you took the time.

Make sure product pages contain all the necessary information.

Once you’ve looked around a bit at your different options and have your eye on one or two that you think might be a good fit, make sure you’ve got all the information you need to make a solid decision. The product page for the doll should include all the details, such as height, weight, the type of material it’s made of, and a general description of the product features.

If you’re opting for a customized doll, make sure the site you’re buying from clarifies what you’ll be getting for your money. And if you do have any questions, there should be an easy way to get in touch with a sales agent or other company rep for assistance.

Read plenty of product reviews.

The more significant and important the purchase, the more essential it becomes to know what to expect in advance. Consumer reviews are among the most helpful resources there are when it comes to this, so make sure you read as many as possible before finalizing a purchase.

Just make sure you also know the difference between a genuine review and a fake review that’s been planted to make a product sound better than it really is. Fake reviews generally sound like they weren’t written by real people, and quite a few don’t even make sense. They also tend to be really generic, even when they do make sense, so be on the lookout.

Evaluate the seller.

Who you buy your doll from is just as important as which doll you buy in the first place, so make sure you choose one that genuinely seems legitimate. Does the seller’s website appear professional, user-friendly, and like the people behind it care about the impression they’re making?

And are essential contact details like phone number, email, and address easy to find? Many scam websites go out of their way to hide contact info, as it makes it too easy to figure out whether they’re running a real business and are trustworthy. A legitimate company will also offer plenty of information about the security of their site, their return policies, and whether they offer a satisfaction guarantee.

Get in touch with the seller.

Legitimate businesses not only don’t mind hearing from their customers but welcome it, as they want people to have a positive buying experience with them. So if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to get in touch with a rep who can answer them for you in detail. After all, sex dolls are on the pricey side, so you want to ensure you’re making the best possible choice.

Communicating directly with a seller is also one of the better ways to get a read on whether they’re trustworthy. The person you talk to should not only seem knowledgeable and friendly but fill you with confidence in your upcoming purchase. If they don’t do that, keep looking until you find someone who gives you the positive feeling you should have. Naturally, shopping for a new sex doll has a lot in common with the process of completing any other significant purchase. You want to do your homework first to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth and will be happy with the item you chose, so it pays to be thorough.