How to improve your bed life?


Modern world is not anymore a place where sensual experiences should remain in the shadows. Common known is fact, that healthy physical bond, including erotic performances, is one of the most important pillars supporting happy relationship. Excitement and pleasure – what to do to stop them from fading away?

Love is the way

Doesn’t matter the gender, race, sexuality or number of partners, sex is the way to express emotions. Above all, honest talk between partners is a key to understanding the issue and good place to start looking for solution. Becoming aware of the problem is huge step further. Maybe beloved person is not happy in private life and it fades their libido? Maybe there is unresolved struggle after last argument between lovers? Or, is it possible that something changed from medical point? Sometimes it happens that help of proffesionalist is required – and that is also fine. Only open communication and mutual commitment to it will lead to improvement of romantic life. 

If yes – say yes

When the matter is known, everybody is healthy and happy, as much as they can, yet bedroom still feels like ice cave – few ideas should bring the fire to it.

Sex can get boring if, especially in stable relationships, is not refreshed from time to time. Being always in a comfort zone and revolving around few proven positions is not going to work on a long distance. Art of seduction bases on a uncovering the deepest desires. Unfortunately, many people never really think about what they would like to try, what can bring them to the top. If someone wants to explore more, but don’t know where to start, answer is one – pornography.

Sites like offer way more than gossip has it. Without involving many sources, one can look up everything what imagination ever whispered. New configurations, angles, places – it is all to try out. Also, watching porn with partner may be great way to spice up the foreplay or be whole element of new sex life. 

This leads to another important step – being curious. Saying yes to new. Being open. Changing routines may be enough to fix sexual tension between lovers. Maybe wife mentioned few times something about toys? Or boyfriend gave a signal, that he wants to to do it in the kitchen?  Observing and learning increases levels of interest in the significant other. The devil is in the details.

Team work

Spending quality time in bedroom (or somewhere else) is natural need and beautiful way of showing feelings. Never should be abandoned or treated like a chore. Human bodies are created in a way that gives them ability to deliver and receive pleasure – such a waste not to do that. Of course, it belongs to individual preferences how often sex will be initiated, or choice of the way it will be executed. 

But it all means nothing, if only one side tries. As it usually is in relationships, it takes a compromise to find way of physical love suitable for everyone involved. It is important to remember that every attempt is good attempt, no real fail exists if the intention is real.