How to Maintain Your Sexual Wellness


The physical changes your body goes through as you get old also affect your sexuality greatly. Changes in circulatory and neurological function and a decline in hormone levels might result in sexual issues like vaginal pain or erectile dysfunction.

Such physical transformation usually suggests that the rigors of sex when you were younger might lead to more discomfort during later and middle life. However, the emotional effects of adulthood —better communication skills, lessened inhibitions, and increased confidence — could create a more nuanced, richer, and overly pleasing sexual affair. Nevertheless, lots of people do not know the vast potential of later-life sexual intercourse. Knowing the vital emotional and physical elements included in satisfying sex could improve your sexual wellness and better solve issues if they pop up.

Dealing with sexual issues is simpler now than ever. Professional sex therapists and revolutionary medications are available if you ever need them. But you could solve trivial sexual problems by making some adjustments to your sex technique. Below are a few things you could try at home.

Educate Yourself

Lots of great self-help resources are accessible for each sexual problem type. Browse your local bookstore or the Internet, get some material applicable to you, and utilize them to assist both you and your lover be better educated regarding the issue.

Give Yourself Time

When you get older, your sexual responses get slower. You and your lover could increase your odds of success by getting a comfortable, interruption-free, and quiet space for sex. Moreover, know that your body’s physical transformations suggest that you would require more time to become aroused and have an orgasm. If you think about it, wasting more time making love is not a terrible thing. Working these physical needs into your sexual routine could lead the way to a different kind of lovemaking experience.

Use Lubrication

Usually, the vaginal dryness that starts in perimenopause could be quickly rectified with lubricating gels and liquids. Use these generously to prevent painful intercourse — an issue that could snowball into growing relationship conflicts and flagging libido. When lubricants do not work anymore, talk about other options with the specialist.

Practice Touching

You can invite your partner to caress you in a way that they would want to be caressed. This can lend you a better view of the pressure amount you must use from soft to firm.

Try Different Positions

Creating a repertoire of various sexual positions increases interest in having sex and could also assist in overcoming issues. For instance, the heightened stimulation of the G-spot that happens when a guy enters his partner from the back will help the woman obtain an orgasm.

Do Kegel Exercises

Both genders could boost their sexual wellness by focusing on training their pelvic floor muscles. To perform these exercises, contract the muscle you’d use if you’re trying to resist urinating midstream. Stay contracting for 2-3 seconds, then release. Do it again 10x.

Try doing five sets daily. These exercises could be performed anywhere — while sitting at your desk, driving, or standing while checking out. At home, ladies might use vaginal weights to increase muscle resistance. Speak to a sex therapist or your doctor about how to obtain these and how to utilize them.

Try to Relax

Perform something calming together before the sexual intercourse, like going out for a wonderful dinner playing a game. Or try leisure methods like yoga or deep breathing practices.

Don’t Give Up

If all else fails, don’t give up! Your doctor will usually discern the root of your sexual issue and might be able to determine effective solutions. Your doctor can also refer you to a sex therapist who will allow you to explore issues that might be blocking the way of satisfying sex life.