How To Show Your Friends That You Care


Friends are the blessings we never asked for. They are gifted to us by choice, not by relation. However, it is surreal that to us they mean more than the family, sometimes, of course! And, we are forever grateful for such a blessing in life. With friends, the rules of relationships are a bit different. Everything is not as beautiful as we have described. Insanity, quarrels, jealousy do exist as much as there is love, care, and warmth. Even with friends, things can get ugly but that doesn’t mean the bond is weak. More the fights, the stronger the friendship. If you truly want to make your friend realise that you care and love him/her or want to make them believe that you do despite the differences; here is your guide.

  • Be a Good Listener: A friend in need is a friend indeed. Be a good listener to your friend. Lend your ears to listen to their daily rant, anxieties, insecurities, and every feeling they feel without judgements. Though not a big gesture, the small ones count and make a difference. This step will build trust in your friendship and will make your friend believe that she or he can count on you in every good and bad. Also, offer solicited advice when asked or needed.
  • Keep Your Word: Though, friendship is one such relation that is free from formalities, and trust issues. But, at times a situation may arise where you would need to come out as an honest friend. Be true to your words, yourself, and your friend. Keep your promises and fulfill them. If you have promised him or her that you won’t interfere or eye his or her lover; then by all means keep your promise and leave no room for insecurities and doubts.
  • Keep In Touch: As you grow up you have responsibilities to shoulder and so do your friends. You and your friend may start living in other countries and get busy with life. In the course, it is normal to make new friends. But, nothing can replace the old friendships only if you both make an effort to stay connected. Keep calling each other, make plans to meet, and spend quality time. In times of need, adjust your schedule and be there by each other’s side.
  • Remember Important Dates: Your friend’s birthday, Friendship day, the day you met are important dates. There will be many more. Remember all these dates and make these special for your friend with your gesture. If you cannot memorize these, save it in your phone. Let the important dates that define your friendship be etched in golden words in the history pages of friendship.
  • Give Gifts: Gifts can do all the talking for you. Selectively chosen gifts like plants for home, food (pizza delivery or cake delivery), spa gifts (body care essentials, a basket with homemade soaps, scrubs, bath salts), or any other thing she or he wants when gifted will exhibit your care and affection in the best worthy manner to your friends.
  • Appreciate and Adoration: Physical display of appreciation and adoration is quite normal in friendships. Friends indulge in these activities on social media and in person. Some do it heavily, while others are not expressive. If you fall into the latter category, make an effort to show your appreciation and shower love on your friends in different ways. Call them up and speak your heart out, meet and greet them, give hugs, etc.

Friends are gems that you can’t afford to lose because they are invaluable to your life. So, keep them with you by all the means you can, these are some of them.