How to Show Your Sick Loved Ones You Care


Dealing with sickness in your family is a frustrating phase of life. It comes with immense financial and emotional pressure and may result in grief for terminally ill patients. Regardless of the kind of illness, you should always show your ailing loved ones constant care and attention. In this article, we will highlight some of the most effective ways of showing ailing people around you love and care, as discussed below.

Sending Gifts and Cards

The sickbed is a stressful and tedious place to be for your loved one. Unlike you, you may not go out shopping or take part in other exciting activities. Sending them gifts and cards is a thoughtful idea that shows love and care. While the cards may carry encouraging messages to cheer them up, you should think of suitable gifts as an accompaniment. Some of the idea gifts for an ailing loved one include:

  • Adult coloring books
  • Paints and painting brushes
  • Drawing and painting sets
  • Lotions and perfumes
  • Bath bombs
  • Face masks
  • Music sets

Chemo hats are a thoughtful gift for cancer patients who may be struggling with the effects of chemo. The type of gift you send depends on your loved one’s passion. If they love listening to music, you should get them gifts that enhance their musical experience. The drawing and painting gifts are great for patients who love the activities. Moreover, you should also remember gifts that promote your loved ones’ self-care. Despite their illness, they should keep looking good with their favorite and quality self-care products.

Pro-Tip: Aim for gifts that unfreeze the stagnant time for your loved ones while enjoying their hobbies in the sick room.


Reassurance is another effective way of showing love and care to your sick loved one. Talking to a sick person in a caring manner is a complex matter for most people. The talks can easily end up looking like you are pitying the patient, which most people dislike. During the reassurance talks, you should take note of multiple aspects as outlined below:

  • Understand that the patient is in both physical and emotional pain.
  • Focus your attention on your loved one’s needs.
  • Discuss with your loved ones any possible ways of making them feel better.
  • Pray with them and cheer them up.

The primary goal of reassuring your loved ones is to minimize their stress and anxiety. Moreover, reassuring an ailing person gives them the strength to deal with the ongoing pain knowing that those around them are together with them emotionally. If you have gone through a similar experience or know positive stories about the experience, you should include them in your talks with the patient.

Visitations and Calls

Dealing with a sick loved one over long distances is tough and challenging. You should, however, constantly call them and inquire about their health. During the calls, you should reassure and cheer them up. You can talk about some amazing memories you built with them in the past, pray with them, and wish them the best. Besides the calls, you should also visit anytime you can. Visits are essential on days when the functionality of calls fails. On such visits, you interact with your loved ones physically, hug and cuddle them and watch them fall to sleep in their sickbed. Keeping in touch with your loved ones, whether via phone or visits, shows how much you love and care for them.

Providing Their Favorite Meals, Fruits, and Veggies

Sick people find it difficult to eat well due to pain, loss of appetite, stress, and anxiety. You can show your love and care for them by bringing them their favorite meals and drinks. Additionally, you should also ensure that they get fruits and veggies to boost their immunity. Good food makes the patient stronger by enhancing their immunity and giving them energy. It would help if you thus encouraged them to eat, take adequate fruits and veggies besides healthy drinks and juices.

Run Errands for Them If Possible

Sick people should take adequate rest to allow their bodies to recover. Their lives and that of their loved ones do not stop during the sickness. Their children should go to school and attend all forms of practice like swimming, dance, and ballet. Grocery shopping must be done and meals prepared. Volunteering to run some of these errands for them shows your love and care for them. It allows them peace of mind and an ideal setting to recover without worrying about the welfare of their loved ones.

There are multiple ways of showing love and care for an ailing loved one. Besides the above, most of which translate to emotional support, you can also offer financial support. Money is a great challenge for most patients, especially the terminally ill. Your financial contributions may go a long way in showing your love and care besides improving their quality of life. If you are a caregiver, you should not fear asking for help anytime you are in need.