How You Can Improve Your Relationship with Exercise


Do you still have a love/hate relationship with exercise? It is time to unlearn everything you think about exercise. We talk a lot about our relationship with food and diet culture and not as much about our relationship with movement or exercise. Pressure, guilt and feeling like we have to work out are some of the things that have had us stuck in an exercise rut. Women of this generation are working out with the wrong mindset because they have no love for their bodies.

However, if you change this mentality, you start working out because you love your body enough to exercise in order to make it feel good instead of worrying about only looking good. You will start going to the gym to feel good and not just to get it done.

Ask Yourself Why You are Exercising

Do you work out because you like it? Do you do it because you are trying to look like others or because others tell you should? Acknowledging your current mindset will go a long way in mastering your mindset about exercise. Focus on how it feels instead of how often; instead of obsessing about how much you exercise, you should focus on how good you feel, and if it doesn’t feel good, you are probably doing too much. Three or four times a week of intense exercise will work simply fine if you enjoy it. Do it out of love instead of hate; instead of moving your body because you hate it and trying to fit workouts wherever you can, move your body because you love it.

Most people make the mistake of working out because they want to look different because when they look at their bodies, all they see are imperfections.

Strive to Feel Good and Not Just Look Good

If you keep looking for happiness from the way you look, you will keep being unhappy. Your body is not you, and it should not be the only thing you strive for. You always feel unfulfilled when you only strive to look good because you are craving more than that. Change your mindset so that exercise makes you feel great, and the aesthetic will eventually reflect that.

Remember to Enjoy Exercise

If you don’t like working out at the gym, find something that you love so that you enjoy it when you move. Movement should be enjoyed, makes you feel good, and release endorphins. We think we must move a certain way because we are only chasing aesthetic yet moving to feel good by choosing something you enjoy would make you happier, and results will definitely show.

Your Intuition is Key

Your body is incredible, and if you listen, it will tell you what is up. If you keep getting injuries all the time, it is likely that something is wrong, or you are overtraining. If you don’t feel like going to the gym because you are tired, don’t go. Your body will love you for it and thank you when you do go.

Release the Guilt and the Pressure

When you release the pressure, you are more inclined to exercise more. Instead of being too hard on ourselves, we should acknowledge the small wins. Praise yourself each time you hit a new personal best or perform an exercise you thought you couldn’t. Remember, appearance does not equal happiness; although movement can make you feel better, it does not equal happiness.

Improved Intimacy

Aerobic exercise such as vigorous walking, jogging, swimming, or biking improves your circulation. This, in turn, will help your overall sex life and intimacy. Sexual activity is an entire body experience, so it is important to keep muscles, blood vessels, and nerves performing at peak levels. If you want to spice up the bedroom a little more, you should consider incorporating a vibrator or other toys to connect more with your partner.

Movement is especially important to our bodies, and it is important that we fix our relationship with it in order to feel better and improve our overall mental and physical health. A change in our mindset would go a long way in improving our views on working out.