Human Growth Hormone Supplements: Should You Use Them?


Human aspiration to reverse the process of growing old dates back to the beginning of the human race itself. It was when science began to dig deeper into the process of aging that a link between human growth hormone and the process of growing old was established. The quest for the magic formula that can reverse the inescapable and unavoidable process of aging happens incidentally to coincide with the quest for the magic formula that can make a man perform better in sex. In fact, there is a link between the two, therefore read on as you might get some beneficial clues.

Modern Technology Aid Development Of Human Growth Hormone Supplements

Over the past decade, research on these Human Growth Hormone (HGH may be sometimes used) dietary supplements has yielded exciting new data on their effectiveness. In this article, I will try to describe the effects of these dietary supplements on both men and women.

The first issue we need to address is the effect of age. The overall effectiveness of dietary supplements is reduced when individuals age. This is because the body’s ability to use them up declines with age. In addition, there is evidence that suggests that certain supplements may not be so effective in older people.

On average, studies show that a 12-week trial of finasteride, the pill form of the hormone-like ingredient castor oil, was no more effective than placebo in improving sexual performance or reducing side effects in men over 65. When the trial was extended to people over 65, the same result was obtained.

Similarly, a single dose of 3 mg of testosterone enanthate for 10 consecutive days did not reduce signs of aging in men. The same effect was seen for placebo. Thus, it seems that the recommended dosage of three mg per day is as effective for increasing sexual performance as for reducing signs of aging.

Can HGH Supplements Boost Male Performance In Bed?

Men with diminished sexual function can take human growth hormone dietary supplements. There is compelling evidence that they can improve their performance. In fact, the real truth about the <a href=””>Provacyl HGH supplements</a> is that they don’t replace the body’s deficiency in the hormone but help the body to release more. That is why you may come across terms like HGH releasers and what not. It only indicates that the supplements or product helps the body to release more of the human growth hormone. The question remains: Can these human growth supplements help boost a man’s performance? The answer is yes. I guess that answers the question of how do male pornstars last so long in their bedroom performances

In addition, there is some evidence that supplements like the pill form of testosterone can boost male sexual function. Two studies have shown that the pill form of testosterone is safe, with no signs of side effects, while increasing sexual performance. Yes, this is true because human growth hormone is also associated with production of testosterone in the male body.

Misconception Of HGH And Testosterone

Some people suggest that human growth hormone instigates the production of testosterone in the body but there is a confusing trend in the media claiming that testosterone is a hormone that can stimulate growth, muscle and sexual function, as well as your sexual desire. It is important to note that some testosterone generating supplements can have some adverse effects on your body. Information should be available on the label of the product. It that is not the case, then that is a clear sign that a fraud may be at hand and therefore you have to be very careful what you buy.

Listing Ingredients Of Human Growth Supplements

A very good and starting point of the veracity of any supplement is the list of ingredients that were used in its development or manufacture. The ingredients clearly showcase the properties. I would here advice caution. Make sure that every listed ingredient is well researched and thus documented as an asset to help you make your conclusion and decision.

You will see a long list of ingredients, and many of these will be known to interfere with your body as well as causing you some harm. You will see products that cause a rise in cholesterol, an increase in pain, inflammation, weight gain, and a host of other illnesses. And you will find that not all of these are human growth hormones. Many of these products will have a host of other ingredients, and each ingredient will have to be listed on the label. And you will find that some of these ingredients can cause more harm than good to your body.

Yet Some People Don’t See Improvements: Why?

If you have used human growth hormones supplements and experienced no effect from them, then you will find no harm in getting rid of them from your body. Simply stop using the product. If your guarantee period is still valid, then this will be the best time to send them your unused supplements and file for a return of money.

Are There Any Bad Negative Effects Of These HGH Supplements?

In some cases, the use of these products can cause an adverse reaction to your brain. This would include the symptoms such as nausea, an increase in appetite, dizziness, fatigue, depression, and the other signs of depression. And this is because synthetic growth hormone will also cause a decrease in the production of serotonin. And you will find that the natural products can replace these chemicals and can produce the symptoms of depression.

The other part of this question would include the issue of your heart. You will find that some of these products will be very strong and can cause cardiovascular events. The risk of stroke and the cardiac arrest increase in the days that follow a person’s use of these products. And you will find that this is because of this. And you will find that this issue should be discussed with your doctor, especially if you are taking a blood thinner or a heart medicine.

So the question becomes this. The human growth hormones are very strong substances, and you can see that they are found in a variety of products. And there are many products on the market that are 100% natural and would produce no side effects. But the issue becomes the fact that they are not 100% natural and cannot produce the results that natural products can. And these products will be stronger and they will produce some side effects. And you will find that the better products are those that have come from an organic farm. You will find that the only place you will find the natural products to have your needs met is organic.