Practical and Healthy Ways to Make Sex Feel Better


Sex involves all your senses, it will regulate hormones in your body and achieving orgasm is incredibly pleasurable. Unfortunately, for many people Real Incest Porn is not a good experience because it has some kind of pain and discomfort attached to it. Many times people want to stay away from sex because of stress, anxiety and inefficiency to adjust with your partner. If you do everything right, then it will not only make your body light, you will feel a lot better physically as well as mentally.

Sex coaches throughout the world are not only counseling their clients, they are also trying to figure out the reasons responsible for their dissatisfaction.

Sex is not mind reading

You should not always expect your partner to read your mind and act accordingly. It is imperative at your part to understand your requirements so that you can communicate directly to your partner. In case, you are not aware what turns you on, then invest some time in exploring yourself. You both can apply this technique on each other or you can go for a solo session.

If you feel any kind of pain, stress or discomfort during sexual act, then you need to speak it out. If you are not comfortable, then say to slow down or stop the process. You may be in need of changing the position to feel at ease. Talking with your partner will never create frustration rather not speaking your mind may create some confusion. When you both are aware about the problem, then you can together find possible solutions by discussion or with the help of an expert.

Always use lubricant

There are several cases where vaginal dryness is responsible to create irritation. Most of the women need foreplay that involves talking sweet little nothings, kissing and oral sex to increase the level of arousal and wetness. Moreover, it will let you both feel more connected. There may be certain cases where even after foreplay vaginal wetness is missing. In that situation, always use a lubricant. 

Do something different

Although, you are repeating the same sexual act, but shift in position will make it more exciting. You can make it more adventurous by trying different things that will not only make it interesting; it will give you more satisfaction.

You do not need to try difficult sexual positions because to do certain acts, you need practice and the right amount of flexibility. You can try shifting, left or right, up or down. For example, when you are trying Real Incest Porn doggy style and his penis will touch your cervix, it will make the act more pleasurable.