Rules and profile picture for astrology dating website 


Love and intimate relationships can affect our emotional well-being and overall quality of life. Therefore, if you feel the desire to find your soulmate, it is normal and natural. Active search in astrology dating services can have its advantages – get acquainted with the detailed information in the post below. 

How to present your profile on an astrology dating site?

The first thing people pay attention to is your profile, so try to present yourself in detail and truthfully, as well as:

  • The avatar is very important – it should be an up-to-date photo with a clearly visible face. A sincere smile is the most attractive.
  • Dating begins with the first message, so the first phrases should be creative and non-banal. Start the conversation with a question about the user or a discussion of something you have in common. So the user will understand that you are interested in him (her) and have carefully read the description.
  • It is advisable to learn about the interlocutor’s interests and worldview and show initiative in communication.

In addition, after establishing contact, behave naturally and do not bombard the person with questions and stories. However, you should not be too cold. It’s cool when the conversation is casual and easy. Do not impose yourself on a person who is not interested in correspondence.

Rules for your dating safety 

Online dating safety rules are a very important topic. You have probably heard more than once about fraud schemes on websites. For your own safety, follow these rules:

  • Do not share personal information or transfer money to users.
  • Conduct video communication if you are already closer.
  • Never send intimate photos of yourself.
  • If you are planning a meeting, it is better to meet in a crowded place during the day.

Use that takes care of your safety, where the selection of a couple is based on common interests.