The most beautiful way to say I love you


There are translations in dozens of languages around the world, thousands of works of art and romantic films that portray this feeling, and yet many still see love as something complex to express. 

And that’s normal… This storm of emotions ends up making people forget the rationality of words, leaving those in love more “foolish”, and so devoted to the other that they can hardly understand the magnitude of what they feel. 

Increased blood pressure and heartbeat, warmth in the body or excessive sweating of the hands, insomnia, as well as the feeling of butterflies in the stomach are some of the symptoms felt when one is with the loved one.

Being in love triggers the release of several “happiness” hormones, and it is these hormones that cause that surge of pleasure, similar to that of completing a difficult task or eating a tasty meal.

Love is indeed the feeling that moves the world, and thinking about it Skokka together with the most beautiful Glasgow city escorts will discuss the best ways to express it.

The feeling can be expressed in different forms; and when the time is right, intuition usually speaks for itself. Therefore, when the sentiment seems to be mutual, why not declare it?

Tangible forms

To surprise the loved one, there is no need to spend a lot. With creativity and a touch of love, little things can become excellent gifts, as well as representing an “I love you”.

A pen-drive with “your songs”.

An original, beautiful and cheap way to record that soundtrack that made so many moments together vibrate.

Paper aeroplanes

Both origami and paper aeroplanes made in a simple way are delicate and sweet. They also allow you to write a nice message inside to surprise even more.

Photo prints 

Printing photos is sometimes the most memorable way to make a moment last. Separate the photos that remind of important moments and go for it!

Love cards

Write why it’s good to be together with that person, make a secret declaration or simply say I love you! 

Flowers and chocolates

Here we talk about the classics. The ones you can’t go wrong with. Go for them and the result will always be positive. Any of the sexy Glasgow escorts will be delighted with your gift.

Breakfast in bed

Who doesn’t like to wake up like this? Breakfast in bed followed by an “I love you” is a recipe that is sure to please.

Help with a task 

Love is complicity. So why not help the partner with something?

Give a big hug

Two hearts that fall in love together can only bring joy and happiness, hug more, hug now!

A special dinner

Preparing a special dinner for the partner, or making a reservation at that famous restaurant in town, are great ways to tell him or her that you love them. Ending the night with a good shag would be even better.


For women, this is a sure-fire technique to please their man. Lingerie accompanied by an “I want you” will surely open the door to much more…

A night of pure sex

Sex in itself is already an extremely pleasurable activity, but with love it is perfect. Besides being a moment when there is no need to even say that you love each other, instead, you just have to show it.

Intangible forms

Maybe you hear I LOVE YOU daily and have not realised it. There are countless ways to say it without really saying it, and we’re going to tell a few of them to you:

Silly nicknames 

It may sound funny, but some people feel more connected to their loved one by using a silly nickname, rather than going for the traditional ones that most people use. It all depends on the level of intimacy between the couple and whether both feel equally comfortable.

Remember the things that the partner likes

“I saw this and remembered you!” There’s nothing nicer than getting a message saying that something reminded you. 

To give space

To love is also to know the moment to be quiet, to give space and just listen. This sensitivity is worth more than thousands of “I love you”.

Implicit messages

Did you arrive safely?

I miss you!

Are you feeling better?

How was your day?

Sorry for what you didn’t like.

Take care of yourself…

These are messages that speak for themselves and say a lot about the couple’s intentions.

Whether it’s their own jokes, a special dinner, unique gifts, care or advice… 

Every couple is singular and every relationship has a different dynamic, and in the end, no list can speak for itself. The important thing is to find what fits the relationship and never stop reminding each other how much admiration and love both partners have.