The Must-Do List For Your Ultimate Wedding


Congratulations on your fast-approaching wedding! Almost everyone has a fantasy of what their wedding day should look like. However, if careful planning is not done, the dreams and fantasies may come crumbling down in your eyes. 

This is not a scare! If you want to actualize a dream-come-true kind of wedding, you need to write down your expectation. Then, draw a checklist to ensure all items you deem necessary appear on it. 

For instance, what wedding venue have the two lovebirds settled for? Who do you want to attend your wedding? Will you hire a wedding organizer or will you source for services from different people? These and more questions are critical issues every bride or groom should ask immediately the engagement bliss wear off.

Items To Include in Your Wedding Checklist

9 to 12 months to the big day

  • Announce your engagement to the love of your life
  • Set a wedding date
  • Visit and book the wedding venue
  • Draft a wedding budget
  • Draw your wedding party team- maid of honor, flower girls, ring bearer and all
  • Hire your ideal wedding organizer
  • Build your guest list
  • Book the wedding license
  • Settle and commit your officiating authority
  • Start your research on various service providers such as the florist and baker

8 months to the occasion

  • Hold a meeting with the photographer
  • Meet and sample the DJ, music band, and sound technician and musicians
  • Shop for your suit, gown
  • Book the cake provider and sample what they bake

6-7 months to the wedding

  • Have the electronic wedding cards designed and print your designed number
  • Send save-the-date-cards to your guests
  • Shop and fit the bridal party outfits
  •  Visit and settle for the preferred hairstylist, makeup artist, and beautician of the big day
  • Start scouting for the honeymoon destinations
  • Do transportation logistics for your bridal party and guests.

4-5 months before

  • Book rehearsal dinner date venue
  • Make payment to reserve bridal rentals
  • Meet and hire the baker for your preferred cake
  • Sample your music playlist for the DJ

3 months to the big day

  • Finalize flower arrangements and options
  • Finalize menus for food and drinks
  • Shop, fit, and purchase wedding rings
  • Confirm to engage all wedding service providers

2 months to the fast-approaching day 

  • Visit all vendors to ensure all things are on track
  • Revisit the ‘shot list’ with the photographer for your ideal snapshots
  • Review and have the ultimate playlist
  • Send invitation cards to your desired guests

1 month to your nuptials

  • Check your RSVPs to determine your wedding capacity
  • Finalize the seating arrangements
  • Get the marriage license from the officiating authority
  • Fit the wedding outfit for everyone in the bridal party

One week to walking down the aisle

  • Confirm with the hiring of all your service providers
  • Review the wedding event order of events with your organizer
  • Send your caterer the confirmed guest list
  • Ensure the seat arrangement is in tow
  • Book accommodation for out-of-town guests
  • Visit your hairstylist, get facials started
  • Go to the spa with your fiancé
  • Go out with your spouse
  • Pack necessities for your honeymoon!