Tips To Be Better At Sexting


With the internet came a lot of different avenues for a lot of different things. However, probably one of the biggest benefactors of the internet was everything related to sex. Be it the adult entertainment industry, discreet escort services, sending each other nudes, or anything, the internet not only made it possible for everyone, it offered a degree of anonymity while doing so.

While phone sex could be really awkward and very tough to get turned on by, sexting provides a big benefit of getting into a good position where you can keep the phone in your hand in a comfortable way. However, not everyone can be good at sexting. With things like snapchat sexting getting more and more popular, here’s how you can get ahead of the curve:

  • Know your vocabulary well: This is actually a two-pronged point. While it is necessary to know all the words you will need to describe what you want to do the person you are sexting, it is also necessary to know the sophisticated words of things because your partner may not always like the usage of crude words. A good vocabulary helps you to be flexible with your usage of the words and cater to the needs of your partner.
  • Have a great imagination: Sexting is all about setting the environment. It does not always have to be completely grounded in reality but it shouldn’t be completely random like a porn video. The key to a good sexting session lies in finding the sweet spot between fantasy and reality. Once the backdrop is set, you also need to choreograph the things you will say to your partner. Imagine how it would be like to do those things before writing them out.
  • Know your partner’s boundaries: Everyone has different boundaries for everything but sexual boundaries are especially sensitive. Before you go about describing the raw things you want to do to your partner, ask them what the things they are comfortable with are. Nothing ruins a good sexting session more than something which one of the two is uncomfortable with.

Sexting is a really good way to turn on your partner when they are away from you. This is why being good at it comes with its own sets of perks. While you should obviously keep these tips in mind, at the end it is practice which makes perfect.