Ultimate experience: 5 tips for getting a top lap dance


People come to the strip club and expect to receive the world’s greatest lap dance. But these people didn’t know that receiving a stellar dance is a two-way street, a reciprocal endeavour that requires mutual respect from both parties!

So, the next time you look for the best exotic dancing Sydney has to offer, remember these five simple tips for getting an unforgettable lap dance:

  • It doesn’t matter how you sit

People often ask about how they should be seated during their dance. Your dancer will provide an amazing lap dance when she’s comfortable, so allow her to tell you exactly how to sit and how far to lean back etc.

Sydney’s dancers are experienced and know how to please – let them control the situation and you will have an amazing time.

  • What you should do with your hands during the dance

Rules may vary between clubs but there are always some general rules regarding what to do with your hands during your dance. For example, you should never try and touch your stripper’s genitals – this is a big no-no and will most likely lead to having you kicked out of the club.

Your stripper will give you the body language you need to know for where you can put your hands. There has long been an issue with men and women trying to push the envelope for what they can and can’t touch, and your stripper will be more than happy to get the bouncer involved if you have breached that confidence!

Finally, and not saying you would have, but some people ask: you cannot even ask to put cash inside your stripper’s vagina! What makes you think your stripper wants some five year old pineapples with a picture of the Queen inside her? That’s gross and really off.

  • What to wear for your lap dance

Some people like to wonder about what clothes they can wear for a lap dance. It’s a bit strange, but there are even forums of guys discussing what clothes to wear to get them off the most without actually removing their pants. You’re not at the brothel guys – that’s a different venue completely – and should be treated as such.

So, as you can probably imagine, dancers do not want to perform a guy who looks like he’s come to jizz all over the club floor. This means no trackies, gym shorts, cycling shorts etc.

Sydney strip clubs and their staff expect a certain level of decorum, which includes dressing like someone who hasn’t stepped out to unleash their inner sex pest. Where smart casual or formal if the occasion calls for it, you know: slacks, chinos, nice jeans – anything that doesn’t make you look like you’re there for shady reasons.

  • Consider your dancer’s comfort

This means taking any sharp objects out of your front pockets. Don’t worry – you’re not going to lose your keys in a private booth – but your dancer doesn’t want to scrape her leg on them as this can really hurt.

So, be mindful of your dancer’s comfort and remove any potentially painful objects out of your front pockets before the dance begins.

  • Be kind to your dancer

Yes, stripping is adult entertainment”, but it’s honestly on the lighter side of raunchiness, and this means you can’t sit there saying nasty, degrading things to your dancer and expect to get the ultimate lap dance.

Be kind to your dancer: they are providing you a service that you want to experience and the best way to enjoy it is to be a good recipient!