Ultimate night: a quick guide to throwing a bucks party in a strip club  



The bucks night always promises to be a special occasion. It’s the last chance you’ll have to send your mate off in outrageous, rambunctious style, ensuring they have a ripper time before they go and tie the knot, leaving behind their lives of debauchery for something more… respectable, shall we say.

Naturally, this means you want to make the night as convivial as possible, and this includes visiting the best mens club Sydney has on offer!

With this in mind, we have created this quick guide to ensuring you and your soon-to-be wed friend have the best night possible at a super bawdy strip club:

  1. Always go with the package deal

Listen, it’s your mate’s bucks night, it’s not the same as when you stumble into the strippers after a few post-work schooners – you should go with the package deal! This way you, your engaged mate and all your other friends will get the ultimate experience, and not just bunched in with the other blokes that are there to look at a few beautiful naked women.

  1. But be sure you know the rules

Different places come with different sets of rules and it’s important to know before you go. Bucks nights are, of course, pretty rowdy affairs, but this doesn’t mean the crew can treat the club staff poorly – you just have to know the place’s rules before you go and you and you’ll be in for a fantastic evening!

  1. Allow your mate to say what he wants

Some mens clubs can be a bit rowdier than others, and this means that the ladies might be a bit handsier than at other places. Your mate’s about to get married, which may or may not mean he’s in love with someone very special and therefore doesn’t want a pair of boobs up in his face all night.

Allow him to say what he wants out of the experience and don’t try and get him to do something he may regret come that special day!

  1. Leave the phones out of it

And this is not just so the buck isn’t spotted on Instagram getting a private dance from two of Sydney’s finest strippers. It’s actually out of respect for the women, as many do this job on the side and could do without their work being posted all over social media.

So, please be respectful and leave the phones out of the equation…

  1. Be sure to go with the best club out there

The only way your mate is going to have a seriously good night is if you go to the very best place there is. Sydney’s gentlemen’s lounges vary in degrees of quality, meaning you could find yourself at a pretty ratty joint if you’re not careful…

The best locations are always those that offer package deals, as they have the capacity to provide a tailored, ultimate experience to people who are looking to create a wild bucks night for their beloved friend.

What’s more, the ability to pre-arrange the evening is the sign that the place is serious about putting on outrageously good bucks nights, so you can be sure that if you choose the package deal then you will be in for a night of wonderfully naughty enjoyment, and that your mate will have a night he may never forget!