Which are the 3 best night clubs in Paris


Paris is proud of its unique artistic and historical heritage, sophisticated air and being the most fashionable place on the planet, but the city also has a wild side. Furthermore, in Paris you can find top escort Paris who can satisfy even the most demanding client.

The bars close at 2am, but the club scene keeps Paris awake until the morning hours. Clubs in Paris are so opulent to trendy, and in the following you have a top 3 of the most popular genre giveaways in the City of Lights.

  1. ClubSilencio

Club Silencio is the most exclusive club in Paris. This is because it is very well founded. The Les Halles Nightclubdefinitely reflects the eccentric mind of its creator, film director David Lynch. The doors open for the public after midnight, and those who are lucky enough to pass over the huge rows of people and the intransigent eyes of those at the entrance, enter a totally different and new world, whose interior is truly an artwork. The ceilings with arches and walls that divide the location into five distinct rooms, take you to the thought of a labyrinth of tunnels that takes you as if to another planet. Have a conversation with the director at the bar, while enjoying a cocktail, then make your way to the stage where top DJs play the apical quality music.

2. Favela Chic

Those who want to escape the “harassment” of the exciting characters from the entrance and are ready to stand in the deep queues, would do well to head to Favela Chic, a location that brings the Brazilian carnival to Paris. Hidden on a side passageway in the Bastille neighborhood, with no poster at the door entrance to make them feel present, except for a dazzling hat, the club has ahumble interior and hospitalities you with a lot of young people of all nationalities, who move in accordance on Latin rhythms. Drinks fly in all directions, at night turning into a hot party that satisfies even the most sophisticated tastes. The location is not for those who are quiet, so put on your dancing shoes and make your way to Favela Chic.

3.  Social Club

It is a social place, it is a club and it adds together the best DJs and live performers in the city. What more could you want? It has a modern interior that looks detached from an SF movie, although it also has retro accents. The black walls and sofas complement the décor of the Social Club and surround the main attraction of the club: the dance floor and the DJ’s desk. An impressive system of LED and neon lights make up the perfect setting for music and dance lovers. The salons here, the fashion decoration and the “easy” policy applied to the entrance, make Social Club the perfect location for those in search of a fashion club, with good music and without much snobbery.

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