Why Are Adult Games So Good These Days


If you haven’t played adult sex games in the past years, you’re missing out on lots of fun. It used to be a time when online adult games were just a series of flash chips with a bit of interactivity thrown in-between the scenes. However, things have changed a lot since the internet started phasing out Flash. Online game developers were forced to start using HTML5 to program their games, and that was also true in the adult gaming world. 

And HTML5 allowed them to create so many awesome games. Everything changed, from the graphics and game physics, to the stories and game universes. And the variety of games is incredible. Here are some of the most popular adult sex game categories. 

New Realistic Sex Simulators

The sex simulators of today are out of this world. First of all, the developers are putting a lot of work into all the little details of the characters, so that the experience will be as close to reality as possible. For example, some games even come with girls who are visibly breathing, blinking and their skin is getting goosebumps when you arouse them. And with these simulators, you can live any fantasy. Besides the fact that there are many gales who will let you customize your dream girl in any way you want, there are also simulators that will offer you the chance to be a master or a dominatrix in BDSM simulators. There are even girlfriend and dating simulators, which will let you live a playboy lifestyle.

Sex Game Parodies

What also boomed in the past years is the parody niche of the sex gaming world. You can experience interactive erotica with some of your most beloved characters from movies, tv series or videogames. I’ve played games in which I enjoyed awesome moments with famous hot babes, such as Rai or Princes Leia from Star Wars, sexy Na’vi babes from Avatar, and even horny post-apocalyptic hotties from the BorderLands universe. No matter who is the character you have a crush on, I’m more than sure you will find some hot porn game action with her. And don’t even get me started on the whole hentai game scene, which is coming with so many titles featuring famous anime girls.

Multiplayer Porn Games

Yes, they exist, and some of them are extremely popular.  Most of the multiplayer adult games are coming with RPG type of gameplay, in which you will explore fantasy or sci-fi universes together with other players from all around the world. Some of these games also have naughty communities, where you can get to know people who are just as open-minded as you are.

Most of the adult games that you can play in your browser are completely free. The websites found interesting ways of monetizing traffic, without bombing you with advertisement. But the real future of adult games is in the VR world. Who knows what adult game developers will come up with in the next years?