Why JOI Videos are so Popular


In 2020, various unusual types of porn have become more and more popular. It takes the form of more or less obscene ASMR sessions, JOI games, and even simple podcasts. In this article, we will discuss JOI videos and tell you why they are so popular nowadays.

J.O.I. Videos Description

The free union between sound and sex has rarely been so well embodied as in JOI videos, which stands for Jerk Off Instructions. The ejaculation instructions emanate from a simple principle: a model poses in front of her camera and dictates to her viewer how he should masturbate, how often, what he should imagine, when he should cum, etc. The voice is enough to dominate everything. But it is the sound that matters above all. Here they are very careful about the choice of words, the sounds of the tongue, breaths, etc. It’s not a simple, overly abstract handjob, but mental porn.

The Most Popular Models and Platforms

There are many talents across the globe to amaze us with their experiments. For example, these are Amber Hahn, Ceara Lynch, Brooke Marie, and many others. In France, the boss Lélé O regularly gives us plenty of scenarios, each more exhilarating than the next. Well-known video-selling platforms like ManyVids, Joi-me, and Clips4Sale are full of these videos. They are popular simply because they are a good alternative to traditional porn videos, which become more and more boring for most internet users every day. Starts like Kinky Solveig (aka Alice Axx) and Trish Collins have understood it very well. In JOI videos, hardcore meets something more suggestive, like brain pornography.

From this, we can make a conclusion that the world of pornography goes beyond simple frames. Now people feel pleasure when they have to think about something and when the process becomes more complex.