11 Epic Adult Birthday Venues To Transform Your Birthday Into A Unique Experience


Age is nothing but just another number, and whether you are turning 16 or 50, birthdays are a fun, sentimental event to celebrate. Between the cake, décor, presents, confetti and ambience, there are numerous exciting details to pay attention to when crafting a memorable birthday party.

When it comes to a big birthday celebration, it is either you go all out and big or do not bother hosting the party at all. Finding an adult birthday venue that perfectly complements the overall theme of your birthday event and that affordable too, is hugely stressful.

Not to fret, we have come up with some creative adult birthday venue ideas that break the norm and ensure the best adult night out to remember on the Gold Coast;

1. Ski Resort

Nothing will make celebrating a birthday than spending it on the slopes with close family and close friends. Rather than accepting birthday gifts, you can encourage your family and friends to save that money and purchase lift tickets.

They are not cheap, but they are worth every dime that you spend on them. The experiences produced will be better than a whole bunch of presents, some of which you will probably hate.

2. Food Tour

If you have not done a food tour, you are missing out on the more beautiful things in life. They are fun to do and how what it entails is walking to some of the delicious foodie-friendly restaurants or bars around town.

In larger cities, food tours are hosted annually, and they are a fun-filled adult birthday venue to host a great party on-the-go.

3. Vineyard Tour And Tasting

A unique way of celebrating your birthday is going for a tour of a vineyard and tasting of the wines on offer. When you book your trip in advance, they will set up a delicious spread of cheese, fruits and crackers to take you ad your guests on once-in-a-lifetime experience.

You should also consider renting a van or checking if the town has a guided bus tour.

4. Spa

Instead of a night of partying or wishing the earth can open and swallow you up after your mom tells embarrassing childhood stories, why not unwind and relax at the spa? Do not leave anything to chance and treat yourself to the full VIP experience. They say sharing is caring so you can spoil your entourage with an a-la-cadre menu to choose from.

5. Museum

Well, this is not another boring excursion to the museum, like the ones in school. A museum offers a fantastic adult birthday venue, perfect for the best adult night out on the Gold Coast. For a one-of-a-kind birthday experience, hire a DJ and a photo booth and also offer a catered menu.

6. Makeup Studio

Why not begin the best adult night out on the Gold Coast with a visit to a makeup studio with you girls to get dolled up and made for your birthday. You can finish your special day by painting the town red with your BFF’s or a girl’s night in snapping selfies for Instagram or dressing up for fun.

7. Sports Game

If you are a sports fanatic and your favourite team is playing on your birthday, there is no better way you can think to celebrate the day you made your grand entrance into the world. Bring the lads along, add a few (lots) of brews and of course the birthday cake and make it be the best game of the entire season.

8. Cruise

You are not Captain Cook or Captain Columbus, but if you have accumulated enough leave days, cash them in and celebrate your birthday while on vacation. A cruise is an excellent option because it offers a myriad of options in regards to destinations, length of travel and also the type of experience.

9. Weekend Getaway

Whether you are considering going camping, spending time at the lake, beach or by the mountains, you should consider renting a house as the ideal adult birthday venue. That way, you can stay in a comfortable house together and explore the endless adventures that the place has to offer.

10. Take Advantage Of Seasonal Events And Festivals

There are some unique seasonal festivities; depending on when you have your birthday, you can take your crew to that are bound to be fun, unique and out the box. To take advantage of this, make sure you check your town’s calendar of events and also call to ask about their group rates or party pricing.

11. Escape Room

An escape room allows for a maximum of seven people to enter a room, and they have an hour to follow the clues provided to figure out a way how to get out. The game requires that participants find clues, keys and codes that unlock locks and help them get out of the room.

The room comes with an emergency exit for those claustrophobic people who need it, but it is one of the most thrilling and fun experiences to have with friends.

Are you looking for an adult birthday venue that will ensure you have the most memorable birthday? Call Pink Flamingo now!