All You Need To Know About Magic Wand Plus


If sex toys had a hall of fame fete for the best toys, then by all means Magic Wand Plus would feature in the hall of fame. It is one of those sex toys you just can’t let go. Think of it as the golden solution for all your sex needs. This is actually strange because Magic Wand Plus comes along with what many can describe as a simple design. One look at it and you can easily underestimate its capabilities. Use it once and voila! It opens you up to a world of unending orgasmic proportions. But have you ever thought about how Magic Wand Plus came about? Who designed it? What was the inspiration behind the design? Chances are, you haven’t. Read on to learn more.

Rich History

You probably don’t know this yet but Magic Wand’s history as a brand started in the late 60’s. Hitachi, the Japanese electronics manufacturer had The Magic Wand as one of their products. Notably, the product wasn’t really a vibrator but a body massager for sore muscles. It wasn’t long though before women discovered that the product could do more than just massage the body. It offered amazing and mind-blowing clitoral stimulation. Then just like that, the sexual revolution initiated by a simple body massager turned sex toy kicked off.

The Trademark

May 20th 1968 saw Hitachi trademark ‘The Magic Wand’. This was inevitable as there had already been several attempts to counterfeit the product. It is also worth noting that people back then knew The Magic Wand as a product and brand of its own. As a matter of fact, many consumers thought Hitachi and The Magic Wand were two separate entities. This is strange actually because shortly before the Magic Wand Vibrator came into being, people simply referred to the body massager as Hitachi.

The 60’s and the 70’s saw many iterations of the wand. This was in a bid to improve how it worked. The market was also somewhat coy towards sex toys. This meant that even though the product was marked as a body massager, women used it for sexual pleasure. No one really cared about the massage part.  Early editions at the time featured quilted black heads for maximum pleasure. They were completely different from the Magic Wand Plus vibrators in the market today which feature off-white soft heads sometimes with bright pink bodies.


By early 2000s, The Magic Wand was already designed and marketed as a sex toy – a vibrator so to speak. Sexologists recommended them too. Porn videos featured porn stars using them. Something strange then happened. Hitachi took their name off The Magic Wand. This meant one thing – The Magic Wand could stand on its own as a brand. That is exactly what happened. The Magic Wand is today, one of the most iconic sex toy brands in the world. Online sex toys stores like record hundreds sometimes even thousands of Magic Wand Plus sales.

It is important to note that there have been several improvements on the brand. For instance, the latest Magic Wand Plus vibrator features different speeds from slow and medium all the way to intense. There are also portable and rechargeable Magic Wand Plus vibrators for your convenience on the move.