Escort Service: Good or Bad for Females?


When we hear the word “escort” we almost always associate her with a woman who offers this service and yes, female escort services are more common, but there are also male ones and their demand is increasing.

In recent years, the use of the term ‘ escort ‘ has proliferated in many internet pages and classified ads in some media to offer services of high standing company girls. It is very common for the word to be associated with the figure of a luxury prostitute, although not really all the escorts that offer their escort services include some type of sexual relationship.

What does Escort Mean?

The term escort comes from the Italian ‘ scorta ‘ (whose meaning is ‘accompaniment’). From these words the term ‘ escort ‘ is also born, used to refer to the person who accompanies someone as protection in anticipation of a possible attack.

Thus, the term escort also began to be used to refer to someone who provided an escort service (usually men with high purchasing power) to events or social events, without these having anything to do with those performed by conventional prostitutes.

Escorts as a general rule are young, attractive women with a high cultural level, which is why they are frequently used as a simple figure of accompaniment and display, without this requiring going beyond those functions. But the number of companions who have agreed to have a sexual relationship with the client (usually in exchange for an extra sum of money) has been increasing, hence the number of women who offer themselves as escorts but not only to carry out an accompaniment but to give a prostitution service, qualifying itself as luxury due to the high price of the fee and its profile.

Escort Services in Daily Life

Mumbai Escort Service has become a part of everyday life, and work in this area is no longer something that can surprise. Escort girls have their own open groups in social networks and their own “Overheard”. And on sites dedicated to selling virginity, girls indicate lofty goals for the transaction – getting an education, traveling, and even building shelters for pets. It is also widely believed on the Web that female escort industry employees are easily identifiable by their social media profiles.

The Internet and other digital platforms have facilitated the contracting of this type of services, so in recent years this phenomenon has crossed gender borders and there are more and more women, between 20 and 30 years old, who are dedicated to the trade.

Escort Service is better than Prostitution

Every day a large number of women are treated as mere merchandise, being bought and sold to the highest bidder in order to be sexually exploited in the prostitution industry. For this reason it can be stated that trafficking in women with purposes of sexual exploitation is an important phenomenon that violates the rights of a large number of women today, so it deserves special attention to end it. That’s why online escort services allow females to as much work as they want. They can be university students, office workers, hostel girls, Andheri Escorts and even Russians. You can go to on a date with them, can bring them to your room, can enjoy full body massage or can share the inner pain and thought with them. Online escort services provide a good and extra source of income to these women who want to earn extra money for their daily expenses.