Frequently Asked Questions About Online Dating Apps


Dating apps in India today are the new ways to fetch an exciting experience. Valentine’s Day was just a few days ago. Many of you have probably seen these advertisements. Aside from these ads you’ve probably seen advertising like this in your browser. “Find your partner” or “match compatibility with Vikrant”. There are numerous ads that have enticed and made us download dating apps. Be as it may, there are always a few frequently asked questions we should all check into. For dating apps, here are those:

  • Can I use photos of my dog, cat, or other pet?

Dog photographs on a dating app are effective, but keep in mind that you should restrict your photos to just one in your profile, don’t highlight the shot as the main photo. Instead, you can add more of your interests. Remember you just got only 5 to 6 visuals to show your personality, before the potential match could swipe you right or left. Also, too much fur in your photos can be a sign you need a bath before your very first date.

  • Should I lie about my height online?


Being honest is essential when it comes to online dating.  Beginning with falsehood is a sure formula for failure and frustration. It indicates insecurity or a high chance of lying about other aspects of your profile. Simply dodge lying.

  • What is the best way to make a decent dating profile for anyone?

Passions, hobbies, interests, and trips are all excellent places, to begin with. It’s understandable that words like “wanderlust”, “foodie forever” etc. are popular cliches running around the web, but it’s advisable to avoid using them. Cmon you just got a few visuals and written data to show the whole you! Do you really want to involve the cliche?

Also, avoid negative statements in the bio.

  • When it comes to dating apps, does height matter?

In most cases, yes! What is important though is that you should be honest about your height. Since you will be meeting your dates in person, make sure you are honest about your personality. Dating apps today ask you about your height while you make your profiles online.

  • Free dating sites vs. paid dating apps: Which is better?

Certainly not. The paid versions sure have the benefits of greater visibility but in any case, you always have a chance of meeting your matches in the free versions.

  • Is online dating worth the effort? How safe is online dating?

Online dating is just similar to dating. It sure is worth the effort because technology has eased the process of “finding out the one” for you. Is it safe? Dating was always safe! But meeting someone new always brings safety precautions & excitement. Safety is a general precaution that you should be aware of at any time.

Lastly, be sure to enjoy meeting new people & have new experiences!