Today we are going to talk about mutual masturbation as well as the benefits of mutual masturbation because mutual masturbation is something that people might know but people are mostly unaware of any benefits of mutual masturbation.

We are going to talk about masturbation mistakes to avoid and also find out some of the best health benefits of sex toys as well as mutual masturbation.

We will also be talking about male and female masturbation benefits as well as the ability of mutual masturbation to provide intimacy enhancement. Before we do that, let us understand what is mutual masturbation. 


Mutual masturbation is when you and your partner both perform sexual activity where you both masturbate together and this is a form of sexual exploration.

It is when you can either play with your genitals and masturbate yourself or you can do foreplay with your partner and do the masturbation for them and play with their genitals and masturbate them.

Likewise, they can do it for you and it can have excellent sexual satisfaction as you get to watch your partner masturbate with themselves or with yourself and this is a very good form of foreplay. 

Additionally, you can utilise a lot of toys into the mix and you can try out different ways of having enhanced orgasms but since this is masturbation there is not going to be any penetration. 

This is great for stress relief and it is an excellent way of ensuring mutual pleasure so that you and your partner can understand your sexual limits and can explore sexual satisfaction incredibly. 

Now that we know what is mutual masturbation, let us find out all the key benefits of mutual masturbation. 



When it comes to intimacy, nothing can get better than mutual masturbation because partners have the opportunity to stay close and be in their senses without completely emerging themselves into sex as they explore their bodies.

This is a way to form excellent bonding and understand each other and tease each other in a way that feels extremely satisfying sexually.

While some might say that sex is the best form of intimacy and in some regards it is but sex is on a different spectrum and if you want something that is different from sex but just as satisfying and excellent for intimacy then mutual masturbation is the way to go.

Mutual masturbation is also excellent for someone who is trying to build communication skills with their partner and your communication skills will only improve with mutual masturbation. 

Another way to improve the experience and increase the levels of intimacy is to utilise multiple things including various sex toys. 

This can have benefits for both males and females and since sex toys do not do any harm during mutual masturbation, we can count that as a health benefit of sex toys because they help you with pleasure and stress relief and a more intense experience. 


There are different types of mutual masturbation and if mutual masturbation is when you are masturbating yourself and your partner is masturbating beside you or even if you are masturbating each other then you are safe.

You are safe from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) simply because there is no exchange of bodily fluids which is not the case when you are having sex.

If there is no exchange of bodily fluids then you can be sure that there is also not going to be any exchange of sexually transmitted diseases or infections.

This can be great to get rid of the tension of using protection because in this case you do not have to use production and you can enjoy the entire thing because you are not actually having sex.

Having said that, it is always a good idea to have protection because you might not know if mutual masturbation might actually lead to sex which happens in most cases.


A lot of people are not confident about how their body looks and if you are someone who is also not confident of your body type then a good way to enhance your confidence is to masturbate with your partner.

It is not sex which means your partner is going to have a lot of attention on you and the only option you are going to have is to enjoy yourself and accept yourself because your partner is accepting you for how hot you look and they are actually masturbating to you.

That is why you should simply accept the moment because you do not have to worry about how you look because you look excellent and you must enjoy yourself and your partner’s beautiful body and just be in the moment.

It is very rare for anything so fun to also be valuable for self-confidence but this is just the case with mutual masturbation. 


Foreplay is important in order to improve your sexual skills because foreplay gives you the ability to have a better understanding of your partner’s body and how they get turned on.

What better foreplay than mutual masturbation where you can masturbate with your partner and you can even help them masturbate.

That will enable you to understand what gets them turned on the most and what erogenous zones need attention the most.

You can actually gather enough information from mutual masturbation that you can utilise when you are having sex so that you can have a new level of understanding of how to please your partner.

You can also utilise other tricks that you might forget when you are having sex because you are emerged in the act to think about something else.

Thus mutual masturbation is the best time for experimentation and exploring new things and new techniques which you can actually utilise during sex. 

However, the biggest mistake of mutual masturbation is overdoing it, it can become an addiction and sometimes it might even reduce the urge for sex. 

The other mistake people do is that they do not do it carefully and often people do not have an idea about the limitations of their partner and can actually hurt their partner in the heat of the moment if not done carefully. 

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