Vacation is the perfect time to get naughty and sexy and it is also the time when we are usually hornier and you might think that there is no particular reason for this but we are going to explore the reasons why this is the case.

This is also one of the most asked questions on our forums because this is something that everyone feels and this question is very relatable on why sex interest peaks over the holidays. 

However, when we say holiday, we mean everything from a vacation to people being hornier during the festive season.  

Sometimes people also call this holiday romance which is deliberately planned as well as seasonal arousal. There are actually even more reasons for this phenomenon. 

So let us find out why are people hornier during holidays and what is the secret to this holiday horniness. 



The thing about being horny is that you can only be horny and in a very sexy mood when you do not have tension and stress in the back of your head. 

It is very difficult to be horny as well as stressed at the same time because feeling horny is something that needs time and planning.

However, if you have a regular job with involves a lot of stress and tension then you simply do not have the time to think about being horny.

That is why when there is a festival nearby such as Christmas then you can have festival sexual urges because you do not have to think about your job and you can have all the time in the world to have winter intimacy and Christmas hookup.

Vacation flings are something special because it is not like your regular fling as you do not need to balance your fun adventures and your work life and you can only concentrate on your fun adventures. 


One of the other important reasons why you might feel sexier during the holidays is because of the entire atmosphere because if you see lights and sounds and people having fun all around you then that is definitely going to improve your mood.

And if you get to be with your special person during all that enjoyment then you are definitely going to get horny because you would want to enjoy that situation in the best way possible.

Our horniness depends on a lot of factors and one of the factors is the atmosphere around us.  This can be evident in the number of New Year’s Eve hookups and New Year’s hookups. 

Multiple studies have even concluded that the rate of childbirth increases dramatically 9 months after any festive season which indicates that child conception mostly takes place during the holidays.

It is just the most perfect time to get together with your special person because the entire atmosphere is helping you achieve an amazing level of sexual desire and horniness. 


One of the reasons why you might be hornier during the vacation is because you get to meet more people in social atmospheres and parties.

This is different from the formal meetings that you might encounter during your job because nobody is relaxed in the office atmosphere but that changes when you do casual socialization.

In casual socialization, you get to meet people who are equally horny and who are equally relaxed and are trying to enjoy the time.

That is why it is a very mutual horniness and that is also why we have terms like summer love etc which showcases the entire excitement that can be felt during the holidays.

This is something that is not only confined to a particular country but rather everywhere in the world and this is something very normal and actually very fun because you can act on these desires and actually have fun.


Even if we ignore all the other reasons why people get hornier during the holidays this is a very simple point to explain and understand.

Imagine you are from a very cold country and you have just planned a vacation to a tropical island with beautiful beaches and sexy sands and the entire atmosphere is totally different from where you live.

You get to wear a simple t-shirt and shorts and your girlfriend gets to wear a bikini and you get to feel the sun on your skin as you enjoy these romantic getaways.

Who in the right mind would not be horny? The entire atmosphere is such that you are bound to feel sexy and energized with a very heightened sexual desire. 

This is one of the simplest reasons why you might feel increased sexual desire during holidays. 


Whether it is the winter holidays when you get to cuddle your wife by the fireplace and enjoy every warm and beautiful romantic time or weather it is the summer holidays and you visit a tropical island, it is expected that you are going to get turned on.

In order to understand why this is a cultural thing you simply have to look at all the advertisements and all the products and everything else targeted towards couples during the holidays.

From expensive wines to gifts that express love to sexy clothes and much more and also movies and songs portraying this commonplace event, you can see that the culture is quite accustomed to this seasonal horniness. 

It is in our culture to be horny during the holidays and cultures encourage romance and love during the holidays.  

We hope this blog has been helpful for you to understand why we get hornier over the holidays and we hope that you are going to have a very sexy and horny holiday ahead.  

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