Here’s to having a great time in Adelaide


There’s a lot of pressure on first dates. The conversation has to be good, the food has be good, and both have to go well with each other. Don’t forget that it’s also important to have fun! Adelaide is known for its hospitable community which means there are many ways you can enjoy your time together without spending too much money trying new things. The options below should help get your creative juices flowing:

* Go to a free outdoor concert – Every summer there are plenty of them around town so if you haven’t planned ahead, don’t worry because it’ll probably happen again next year! Examples: WOMADelaide , Clipsal 500 Concert Series , Adelaide Fringe Festival  Even if he/she isn’t a music fan, there are plenty of other free events that you could find out about.

* Go to a comedy show – A sense of humour is very attractive and it’s also a great way to break the ice.

* Go for an art walk – You’ll get to see all kinds of art in different parts of town. Adelaide has lots of murals so you might be surprised at how many pieces of public art there are hidden around! One place where you can usually go is Rundle Mall .

If these ideas don’t suit your style, go on Google and type ‘free things to do in Adelaide’ then hit enter! There are hundreds more options that suit everyone no matter who they are or what their interests may be—you just have to take the time to discover what they are.

There are some incredible restaurants in Adelaide that use locally sourced ingredients to make high-quality food (e.g Alchemy, Africola) but the price range on their menus can be pretty high for a first date. A few more affordable options might include:

Dominos Pizza ($10 pizzas on Mondays!) Cafe ICHI Sushi ($5 sushi rolls before 5pm) The European ($2-$3 breakfast specials)

Memorise these numbers and keep them in your wallet so you’ll always know where you stand with your budget! Of course if he/she wants to split the bill then let them be chivalrous and insist they treat you! Just remember that you don’t want to go bankrupt for this date so set a budget and stick to it.

If you’re thinking about something low-key like drinks or coffee, keep in mind how quickly the time will pass! You could find yourselves caught up in conversation much later than planned because your “date” is actually more of a casual hangout where you can connect with each other over shared interests. Be prepared for that possibility by packing an extra book or journal—you’ll be glad if the date goes late into the night (or early into the morning). The last idea I have is not particularly original but definitely works well. It’s always good to check out what’s on before planning anything ‘official’. Here are some examples: timetables of local events, Google Calendar shared with him/her, websites like The Advertiser, ETV.

If you have any other ideas or suggestions on what could be included here then please let me know! I’m happy to add more useful information and credit you for your contribution.

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