How to be a wingwoman for man- Best Practices in 2021


A good wingwoman understands her friend, is a best conversationalist, and knows when to leave the conversation. A good wingwoman highlights the best qualities of her friend that interests the other guy.

Want to know more about the wing woman? Here are a few best practices about how to be a wingwoman for man. Dive in.

  • Initially, understand what a man wants

It’s the foremost step to consider for a good wingwoman. Understand what your friend wants. However, do not voluntarily ask your friend that I would be your wingwoman. It seems like criticizing their social skills. So, wait until a guy comes to you and ask you to be a wingwoman.

Then know what they want. And what are their preferences including height, color, sense of humor, sense of style, profession, etc.

  • Then, engage in groups

After knowing what your friend wants, it’s time to engage your friend with a group of people. Go to a group of people and just talk to them casually like what you’ve ordered, whom do you think is the host for this party,etc.

Have a concession in which your friend is interested. Also, make clear with the people that you are not dating. Or else, people easily misunderstand you and your friend.

After having a conversation with the group, find a person that your friend has connected with and like to talk more. If possible, get them far away from the group to talk without any disturbance.

  • Finally, leave the conversation

If you think that your friend is having a good time with the other person, then leave the conversation. Or else,if your friend is still feeling distressed or uncomfortable, then add a little fun and try to kick off your friend’s hesitation.

Also, don’t leave your friend entirely with a new person. Observe them from far away and know when you should return again.

A few tips to flirt a guy over text:

Being a good wingwoman, it’s also important to know a few flirting tricks to impress others and start cold conversations.

Sometimes, it’s pretty difficult for people to impress over text especially when they are talking with new people. Have you ever felt it? Well, if you are a person fed up with the question how do i flirt with a guy over text, here is a perfect solution for you.

Flirting texts are mostly done with the people you would like to run a long relationship, or with someone you just started to know. However, these tets are best to move the relationship ahead with good vibes.

A few flirting text tips:

  • Start the conversation like you are missing them even in the big crowd. It makes the people feel so special.
  • Tap a compliment on their shoulders. Be yourself and tell them what you like the most in them.
  • Send the messages at night time. Night times are best to take a beat conversation over texts.
  • Don’t feel shy to give them a cute nickname.

These are the few ways to flirt a guy over text. Now, whenever you think about how I flirt with a guy over text, just follow these tips and tricks.