Everything About Lingam Massage


Lingam massage is more than about stimulating the male genital area. Rather, this type of erotic massage is about a physical and spiritual experience. Therefore, – unlike the classic handjob – the orgasm of the man is not in the foreground. The lingam massage is more a test of the senses and energies and ensures a very deep trust and a special intimacy between the partners. With this massage technique, men receive a unique sexual experience.

Meaning of Lingam Massage

The word lingam is from the ancient Indian language Sanskrit and is translated in various ways. Sometimes with “Sign” or “Symbol”, sometimes with “Radiant”, “Shining” or “Phallus” and “Penis”. In the Hindu faith, the phallus is the symbol of the god Shiva. To use lingam simply as a term for phallus or penis would therefore be too simple.

The Symbolism of the Shiva Lingam

The Shiva Lingam is one of the oldest representations of the divine that each of us carries within. It unites the male and female principles. The male stands for consciousness and the female for energy. In the Shiva Lingam an oval, vertical stone represents these two poles and a horizontal setting in which this stone stands. The oval, vertical stone symbolizes the all-pervading consciousness, the horizontal stone the dynamic energy.

How Does The Lingam Massage Work?

Lingam massage applies to the whole body, but mostly to the body Genital area of the man. The penis, testicles, anus, and prostate are stimulated. To enjoy this massage technique you may visit some local parlors. In larger cities, like Paris, many of them, including SweetTouch, offer erotic massages. Here are the most important preliminary tips:

●      Distraction off, spirituality on!

It is important to relax completely and to take your time. A lingam massage can last up to three hours. It is not primarily about an orgasm, but about the union of body and mind and about perceiving and using completely new energies. It sounds very esoteric, but it can enrich your sex life and your sensory perception a lot.

●      Maintain the right mood

Wet is always better. So provide lubricant. There are special oils for erotic massage and fragrances such as sandalwood, cinnamon, or vanilla help to relax completely. And if you want to create a relaxed atmosphere, you can also provide the right, dimmed light and calm relaxation music during the massage session. Warmth is also important.

●      Build tension

At the beginning of the lingam massage, both partners slowly undress. Make eye contact while doing this and concentrate fully on each other. This creates a very special tension between you two. Then, man lies down on his back, legs slightly open. You kneel down next to him. Lubricant or massage oil and off you go.

●      Slowly

First, make sure that man relaxes and comes off the stress of the day. To do this, stroke his entire body in light, soft movements. Therefore, you can stroke his arms and legs, neck, neck, back, feet – everything that ensures that man can let himself fall is right. This initial massage is also called the greeting. Tip: In addition to your hands, you can also use feathers and towels for the massage.

●      Work your way up

At some point, the massage is dedicated to the actual center that is involved: the genital area. On the one hand, the penis is stimulated using various massage techniques, but the prostate, testicles, and perineum are also involved.

●      Let him fidget

Masseuses often do not work towards an orgasm. They rather delay it. As soon as man ‘threatens’ to come, professionals change your massage technique and extend it to other parts of the body. In this way, man also learns to postpone the orgasm on the side.