The story of Ariana Grande


After Beyoncé, Blackpink and Taylor Swift, Netflix takes on another music star: Ariana Grande. In the form of a docu-concert, the singer invites her fans to discover behind the scenes of her Sweetener World Tour 2019. The star’s stage performances are interspersed with short backstage appearances where we get to know Ariana Grande’s entourage, from her manager to her troupe of dancers, through her mother. Focus on eight pieces of information to remember about the popstar in excuse me, i love you.

She is very demanding on set design

As in her music videos, Ariana Grande attaches great importance to the image and the set design. For her Sweetener World Tour, she chooses a deeply minimalist backdrop that is just waiting to be accessorized. The strength of his show is above all the light that adapts to each painting. Sometimes Klein blue, sometimes candy pink, the bright spots plunge the viewer into the tangy world of Ariana Grande. A barbie car rebellious for her pop cover of My Favorite Things or a giant moon floating above her for Tattooed Heart, with each new performance some elements come to embellish the scene. From very mini skirts to chockers, costumes, Ariana Grande borrows her aesthetic from two equally visual periods: the sixties and the nineties. If you like the body of Ariana Grande, be aware that adult chat websites feature beautiful Latinas who speak fluently English in online chatrooms. Livejasmin is one of these websites.

She is committed to the LGBTQ cause

Ariana Grande’s girly and very marked world still leaves a big place for the difference. In addition to her messages of tolerance and the diverse cast of her troupe, Ariana Grande joins the act to the word. In many of his choreographies, women and men sometimes mix without gender. This is the case of Darrion Gallegos, back up dancer star of the Sweetener Tour who brings his male and female duality through his sensual movements and extravagant wardrobe. Some duets are even performed by dancers of the same sex, as opposed to the traditional rules that systematically involved people of the opposite sex. Ariana Grande confirms her commitment to the fight against intolerance at the end of her concert where she and her dancers are seen inflaming her audience with rainbow flags, a symbol of the LGBTQ community.