How to text a girl to ask her to be friends with benefits



Friends with Benefits’ dating and sex realm may be daunting and perplexing. You must walk so that your intentions are obvious and the other person is not harmed. As an example, consider the following when initiating how to ask a girl to be friends with benefits over text:

Start a conversation with her by sending her an opening line.

We don’t imply you should text a pickup line when we say this. That’s corny, and it’ll probably make her uncomfortable with you. Instead, send an introductory sentence to start a discussion with her. Note that texting “Hey, what’s up?” is not a good idea. That’s because it’s a meaningless conversation starter that doesn’t bring anything to the conversation. Instead, try one of the following methods to initiate a conversation:

  • Mention something you’ve discussed in prior conversations
  • Ask a question regarding something you’ve previously discussed
  • Discuss something fresh you’ve learned that you’d like to share.

Engage in some light-hearted banter

Do you want to get out with her and spend some time with her? If you do, you’ll need to come up with some light-hearted banter that will make you both want to meet each other again soon. Establishing an internal joke with her tied to some activity is one of the finest methods to do so. 

Make Your Purposes Visible

Make your intentions plain to her before you request her to visit you or set up a date. Note that you should not simply tell her you want to have sex with her without any conditions. Instead, word your texts, so she understands you’re not looking for a relationship or a commitment. You may accomplish this by casually mentioning that you are not a relationship person and are not interested in one at all during a chat. The greatest approach to let a girl know her intentions is, to be honest, and the remaining is up to her.

Request a meeting with her

It would happen rapidly if you performed steps one, two, and three correctly. All you have to do now is bring up the inside joke you made in step two and determine the meeting’s details, such as the location and time. If she wants to get out with you, she’ll accept your request right away. If she offers you an excuse or a legitimate reason why she won’t be able to go, ask her again in a few days. 

Be respectful of her response

Many individuals dislike hearing “no,” and they might become clinging and demanding as a result. If she says “yes” to an FWB affair, make sure you outline all of the ground rules for a successful FWB relationship. You must establish ground rules for what will happen if you develop affections for the other. These basic rules are critical for keeping your FWB affair afloat and trouble-free. If she says “no,” on the other hand, you should politely withdraw. It’s pointless to try to persuade her or alter her attitude. When she answers no, it’s apparent that she doesn’t want to be in an FWB affair with you. Lastly, research more on how to ask a girl to be friends with benefits over text.