4 Ways Owning a Realistic Sex Doll Can Improve Your Love Life

Realistic Sex Doll Can Improve Your Love Life

Although society’s getting a lot more open-minded about sex and masturbation than it used to be, sex dolls are still considered somewhat taboo. In fact, many people still wrongly see them the way they used to view sex toys, in general – as lackluster substitutes for real sex with actual human beings. Some even still believe that owning and using a sex doll can ruin someone for traditional relationships and sex with other people.

In actuality, the opposite is likely true. Not only is there nothing seedy or abnormal about owning a sex doll, but it might actually help you improve the rest of your love life. Here’s a closer look at how that works and why you shouldn’t let anyone make you feel bad for wanting to upgrade your solo sex life with the right doll.

1. Being sexually satisfied leads to smarter dating decisions.

There are lots of good reasons to date or seek out sexual relationships with other people, but there are many bad ones to be aware of, as well. A desperate need for sex at any cost is genuinely one of the bad ones. It makes you less discriminating, in general, and a lot more likely to wind up in a situation that’s more trouble than it’s worth.

Serial monogamists often find themselves in relationships they’re not ready for with people who are wrong for them solely because they want easy, continuous access to sex. Even those fine with singlehood wind up engaging in risky sexual behavior that could expose them to STDs or lead to an unplanned pregnancy.

Owning a realistic luxury sex doll means not being dependent on other people for realistic, satisfying sexual experiences. Dolls can make incredibly effective companions outside of the bedroom, as well. That means you’re more likely to wait for people and situations that are truly worthwhile instead of settling for less out of loneliness.

2. You can teach yourself to be a better lover.

Practice makes perfect when it comes to any learnable skill, and sex is no exception. But unfortunately, there are few ways to realistically get that practice that don’t involve another person. Most forms of masturbation just can’t deliver on that, even when you add a sex toy like a Fleshlight to the mix. But a sex doll is different.

Sex with a realistic doll feels incredibly similar to sex with a flesh-and-blood partner, so it’s a stellar way to practice your technique and get it right. You can perfect hard-to-nail positions, work on your endurance, and polish your go-to lovemaking style in a safe, no-judgment environment. Then, when you’re ready, you can wow your next human sex partner with all your impressive new moves.

3. You have a safe outlet for all your fantasies.

Although there’s nothing wrong with exploring your fantasies with a human partner, there are many reasons why a person might not feel comfortable doing that. First of all, a person’s fantasies are very personal, and it takes a lot of courage to even discuss them with someone else, let alone pursue the possibility of living them out in real life. That process becomes even more difficult (if not impossible) if some of those fantasies are so taboo, it would be hard for someone else to accept them.

With a sex doll in your life, you always have a safe outlet for any kinks, fetishes, or fantasies you’d like to explore. Your doll will never judge you for anything you find hot and sexy, no matter how niche or unorthodox it might be. And she’ll never say no in the event you’d like to try something new or extra-kinky. That can be a real game-changer on a level many people don’t quite expect.

4. Your doll makes a great addition to a partnered love life.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’ll have to choose between having a sex doll and being in a traditional relationship. Not only is it possible to have both, but owning a doll can actually make your relationship better and healthier.

For instance, most relationships come with gaps as far as people’s respective sex drives go. There can and will be times when one of you wants a lot less sex than the other, which can be highly frustrating for the person who wants it more. Your sex doll can be an excellent way for you to stay satisfied without your partner having to feel guilty or pressured to have sex when they’re not in the mood.

And if your partner’s into the idea, your doll can make a great addition to the sex you share together, as well. For example, she can let you explore the idea of threesomes and other activities that call for a third person without jealousy or insecurity ever becoming an issue. Take a look at the most realistic sex dolls at Cloud Climax and see for yourself! You might just wind up glad you did.