Why is Foreplay Important in Having Great Sex?


If you think that sex is the only way to reach an orgasmic end and achieve maximum pleasure, then perhaps you are missing out on foreplay. Whether you are a woman or a man, foreplay is the most basic yet most stimulating sexual activity form that assists in enhancing a person’s sexual experience and develops feelings leading to substantial sexual stimulation.

What’s good about foreplay is it guarantees the couple is prepared for the main event – sex. A great foreplay session would ensure that your woman is willing, excited, and ready. Her inhibitions would be reduced and she’ll have an increased level of comfort;  but above all, her body would become ready for the penetration.

According to sexology courses online, during the foreplay, a woman’s clit would get engorged, her cervix would rise up and expand her vaginal canal (making space for you), and her vagina would get lubricated. This preparation suggests when you “go in,” it is more enjoyable for her and comfortable for you. You would not ride down a water slide if it’s not wet, right?

The truth is, almost all women require this stimulation to climax. When climaxing, the brain’s “pleasure center” fills with light. It strengthens that something is desirable and enjoyable.

While many of us still likes to have sex right away, foreplay, based on many others, still continues to be the ideal start to all sexual activities. With that, below are a few reasons why foreplay is much greater compared to sex.

Joy Of Intimacy

While sex is mainly focused on achieving an end result, foreplay lets people feel utmost closeness and intimacy. Touching, kissing, feeling one another couldn’t only get a physical impact on our bodies but could also lead to a positive psychological effect that boosts our sexual experience.

More Pleasure

Having foreplay can make you feel the ultimate satisfaction. Particularly with women, who don’t always experience orgasm, foreplay could make them feel strong pre-orgasmic pleasurable feelings.

Learning The Art Of Giving

While sex is all about you, foreplay teaches you how to give. You’ll always give importance to your partner’s satisfaction and be more focused on gratifying them during an act of foreplay. Your pleasure is drawn from your partner’s happiness, which makes it all the more satisfying.

Closer To Orgasm

You may give a succession of orgasmic marathons to your partner with your lips, tongue, and fingers, that could not be done via penetration alone. And because you don’t have to worry about getting pregnant, you may orgasm until you’re exhausted.

Doesn’t Hurt At All

Foreplay, unlike sex, is straightforward and painless. It’s silky smooth and just provides you with a good time. Having said that, when you get started, you won’t be able to stop yourself.

Size Is The Last Thing That Matters

Size does matter during sex, especially for women. When doing foreplay, though, it’s all about your attitude and dexterity, and your insecurities may take a backseat.

Sex Is Smoother After Foreplay

If you want to prevent any embarrassing glitches at the start of your sexual encounter, foreplay might help you get off to a good start. You will be more comfortable and be more accepting as a result of foreplay, giving you the finest experience ever.


In regards to foreplay, it’s crucial to remember two things: males prefer visual stimulation, while women’s sex starts in their heads. What exactly does this mean? You should not go for her genitals right away. If you’re unsure, start with an open and kind talk. Slowly caressing and massaging her to informing her she’s desired for more than sex only and that you think about her will help you start the foreplay phase. She’ll start to respond and open up as her body reacts to your touches.

If you want to know how to have great sex, foreplay would help you sustain a long-term relationship and provide sexual happiness for both parties in the long run. It will also assist you in remaining physically and emotionally connected, resulting in improved sex in the future. Overall, both couples benefit, so don’t overlook foreplay.