Looking For No Strings Attached? Explore Your Best Options! 


Almost every person has a past that makes them scarred about relationships. While many people love to explore new options, many would refrain from commitments and getting into relationships. However, everyone has their own reasons why they do not want anything serious. 

When it comes to physical needs, almost everyone wants their physical needs to be met. If you are looking for a casual hookup without commitments and attachments, you can explore your options on list crawler

Many of us do not want to invest our time into emotional relationships and commitments. Casual hookups can be your option to escape from your stressful life and take your sex life to the next level. 

Everyone has their own fantasies and needs! 

Of course, everyone has their fantasies and dreams. Whether you have a kinky fetish or you are someone who needs a company for one- night stand, there are plenty of options to explore! ListCrawler allows you to sign up for free on the platform and explore your options. 

When you visit the website, you can select the city and explore your options. However, to use the platform, you must be of legal age. In case you are a minor, you may fall into legal trouble. 

Everyone on the platform is highly professional, with their needs and demands clearly explained. Once you sign up, you can send a message to the desired person you liked and spice things up further from there! 

Zero commitments 

If you are someone with commitment issues, what is better than finding someone who shares the same physical interests as you? Whether you are looking for someone who can cuddle through the night, share a few drinks with you, or looking someone to make things erotic in bed, your, no strings attached partner is the one to help you. 

One of the best parts about choosing ListCrawler is that you do not need emotional investment. From your wildest fantasies to your basic needs, give zero attachment and emotional investment, and you are all set to roll in bed! 


Consent is one of the most crucial factors when you get physical with someone. Whether it is your girlfriend or someone you casually see, you can fall into trouble without consent. 

However, ListCrawler ensures users’ privacy and consent. The terms of services make it clear that consent is crucial when posting about certain things on the platform. Any threat or harassment can lead to legal consequences for the person. 

Lastly, all the options on the platform provide their consent, and since the person represents themselves and speaks to you directly, you will be aware that they have given their consent to the things you mutually decide on.