London Escorts – Too Extravagant? We Think Not


For all the reasons why you should book yourself a London escort we talk about the resounding reason why you shouldn’t- the cost.

For most people, the one thing that really holds them back from hiring an escort is the costs associated. While there definitely are ways to spend thousands of pounds for a scant few hours, hiring a London escort doesn’t have to be one of them. You see, while the old adage “You get what you pay for” does indeed ring true, agencies like Amy’s Escort London understand that booking a £120 escort in London still means you should be getting £120 worth. Which is nothing to sniff at.

Consider your last grocery bill at Sainsbury’s, or how much a standard spa day goes for. There.  Are a million ways to spend this kind of money in that amount of time, and not one of them are nearly as satisfying as a London escort. Not to mention, we believe it’s high time to treat yourself to something nice. Because, let’s be honest, when’s the last time you did something just for yourself?

Why Hire a London Escort Anyway

London escorts are a great way to show yourself a little self-love, without having to show yourself “self-love”, if you get our drift. The best thing about escorts is that they provide discreet companionship with zero strings attached. While it sounds a bit odd at first, the best part of any time spent with the best escorts isn’t usually the sex- stay with us.

What’s better than that is spending time with an incredible gorgeous woman, enjoying yourself. No pressure, no expectations, just you and her, having a great time for however long your appointment lasts. Knowing that whatever you say is in the strictest confidence allows you the peace of mind to completely unload whatever it is that’s weighing on you.

You can walk away confident that your evenings shenanigans will stay the tete-a-tete that it was meant to be. For a few good reasons. For starters, discretion is rule number one in the escort business. If clients find out that an escort spreads their business all over town, that girl will be hard pressed to find any worthwhile clients in the future. Also, few escorts herald their career choice, so it benefits them to keep it on the down low just as much as it benefits their clients.

So at this point, sex is just a bonus. A really, really, brilliant bonus. So great, because you are getting a professional. Where her entire career as a London escort is built around pleasing you. Having exactly the type of encounter that you want. And guaranteed- she’s really good at it.

What to Expect From £120 Escorts London

While £120 is definitely more than doable for most of us, it’s not really worth it if you’re ending up with some toothless tart in a dinghy alley somewhere. Unless you’re into that sort of thing- who are we to judge. Luckily, at most escort agencies, you’ll always pull quality goods.

This is because agencies have a reputation to uphold. One wrong move and they’ll get a review that will completely destroy their clientele base. Most escorts and London escort agencies get a ton of their clients based on the write-ups they receive on escort forums and review sites. So it’s always in their best interest to offer the highest-class escorts they can, while still remaining competitive with price.

It’s rare to find a reputable escort agency that’s willing to promote less than ideal girls for their clients to select from. Most agencies have multiple pictures of any girl that they’re sponsoring, and because they’re an agency- those pictures are generally fairly trustworthy (see above about reviews). Ultimately, spend 120 quid and have a great night fully unplugging from the face-palm inspiring, mundane issues that you’re constantly plagued with in your daily life. I mean- come on. I’ve had bar tabs bigger than that.