What are the Side Effects in Using Bluechew?


Most people undergo a stressful life. They face a lot of constraints to fulfill their financial needs. This is mainly due to their stress lifestyle. Due to this most of the men lose their interests in sexual life. Lots of sexual deficiencies are happening in this fast phase of life. The most common one among them is erectile dysfunction in which men cannot be able to keep their erection throughout sexual intercourse. Bluechew is the chewable tablet for erectile dysfunction, which is highly prescribed by the doctors in most of the countries.

Bluechew Contents and Working

We can get Bluechew through the online subscription process. The prescription of the authorized physician is a must. The Bluechew consists of chemicals to relax the blood vessels. This enables the proper blood flow to the penis. The constant blood flow will enable you to maintain the erection continuously. The erection will happen within half an hour with higher rigidity. The Bluechew is easily consumable with chewing. It can greatly improve sexual activity in men. It is a solution for anxiety caused by nervousness or stress. You can also use this drug for long-lasting sexual pleasure.

Side effects of Blue chew

There are lots of benefits to this blue chew. All of the drugs possess certain side effects. This is also true in the case of bluechew. There are some prevailing effects with most of the sexual drugs and they are listed below.

  • Bladder pain
  • Drowsiness
  • Digestion problems
  • Flaming effects in chest and stomach
  • Flaming, itching, prickling effect in the penis
  • Pain on urination

The above effects are common and don’t need to worry a lot. These effects may happen or may not happen to any individuals. There also other side effects those are to be taken in a very serious manner.


This is the most serious symptom which is to be considered. You must contact for a medical emergency once it occurs. Priapism is the state where the erectile will not fall even after sexual stimulation stops. This condition may occur when there is a lot of blood flow to the penis. In this Priapism state, the erection can occur painfully. The other scenario erection can occur without any pain. The other rare occurrence is erection can happen repeatedly at a varying interval of time. The immediate home remedy is to pee immediately. Take a warm shower and take a casual walk inside the house. It is advisable to contact a medical emergency once Priapism occurred.

Effects on Eyesight

Since the bluechew gives drowsiness it eventually reduces the eyesight at the time of erection. The effects on sight may come after a certain period. You may see blue shade when you see any object. You are unable to differentiate between blue and green. There will be sudden reduction and sight. Loss of sight will also happen.

Final Words

Bluechew is the drug that is the need of the hour. You must use these drugs carefully to avoid above mentioned side effects. For more information on bluechew and its side effect, you can refer to this video which will also help you to understand the concepts in a better way.