What is Tantra? The Meaning & 3 Keys to Deeper Intimacy & More Pleasure


Learn about the definition of tantra, and what is tantric intimacy and sexuality. This is a video and blog post is for beginners and provides an explanation of where it originates from and how it can be used to allow you to connect sex and spirituality, and tap into your personal power.

Have you ever wondered what Tantra is and where Tantra comes from?

What does that word even mean?

Is Tantra good or bad? Is it about orgies/sex? Or something else?

Tantra comes from a Sanskrit word which means weaving…

Bringing of things together.

These are the things we bring together to create powerful transformation: 

Meditation, breathwork, self-love, chakra healing, prolonged self-pleasure, deeper intimacy, manifestation, identifying & removing intimacy blocks.  

The 3 Keys of Tantra is:

  1. Breath
  2. Sound
  3. Movement

Tantra is misunderstood and since sex is enhanced with Tantric skills, people think it’s ONLY about sex.  But it’s MUCH MORE than that. 


Our society has brought so much shame to sex and sensuality & so people often judge Tantra as something taboo.  

But why is there so much shame about sex?  We were ALL created from sex and if it wasn’t for sex, we wouldn’t be here.  We are the ONLY species that have shame about something that is a natural part of life.   

Do you see animals have shame about sex? 

No. It’s a natural part of life.  We were created with thousands of nerve endings that allow us to experience pleasure.  Pleasure is your birthright.  So let’s drop the shame and embrace how beautiful it is to connect to ourselves and to others. 

Did you know that pleasure is medicine?  The song by Marvin Gaye “Sexual Healing” reminds me of the healing power of Tantra.  

You can also TAP into your personal power.

The book by Napoleon Hill “Think & Grow Rich”  dedicated Chapter 11 to the Art of Sexual Transmutation.  These techniques were used by Nikola Tesla, Einstein & Steve Jobs to Tap into their Creative Genius.  

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