World’s Most Romantic Places to Visit


Are you in Love, and are a true explorer, or even want to nomadic and if you’re going to feel the love in the air, choose a destination to travel with your partner, sometimes it can be somewhat tricky, as it will depend on the tastes of each one and the expectations they have from their “romantic trip”. In this list, we offer you destinations that will not disappoint you and here you surely enjoy with your partner. If you don’t have any partner then you can hire one from this site to accompany you to all these places.

Cartagena, Colombia:

Cartagena is the perfect place for a different vacation with your partner. The historic walled city is full of hotels, colorful colonial houses and cobblestone streets where horse carriages complement the vibrant Colombian atmosphere. In addition, knowing the nearby islands of Rosario will make your trip an unforgettable experience. The food, cafes, music sessions, and dancing on streets are some live actions that can charm your vocational date with the lover. The sandy beaches, fiery volcanoes, old city walk, visits to museums, art galleries, Chiva bus adventure, heritage palaces, nightlife in clubs are not less impressive to cherish love and romance.

Havana, Cuba:

The classic architecture of its buildings fits perfectly with the old cars that run through its streets and the relaxed atmosphere of the Cubans. Make with your partner a walk through the colonial squares, for its picturesque cafes and dance Caribbean rhythms in one of the nightclubs of the city.

La Tour d’Argent (Paris, France):

The sunset and the Notre Dame Cathedral have made this restaurant one of the most romantic in Paris. Located next to the Seine, there will be no more perfect way to enjoy that unique moment with your partner and an excellent view of the capital of love.

Passion Island (Holbox, Mexico):

The crystal clear water and white sand make this small island a virgin paradise. With the sunset in the background, it will be the perfect place to enjoy with each other.


Portugal is a country full of surprises, where you will be able to explore in depth and visit beautiful places. In addition to its main attractions, you cannot miss visiting Madeira Island, Porto, Sintra, and Coimbra, which will make you fall in love even more.


Turkey has a bit of everything: unique cultural experiences, magnificent landscapes, incredible gastronomy, and friendly people. You will be able to spend your days with your partner visiting the historic Hagia Sophia; you can go shopping to the Grand Bazaar, cross the Bosphorus, sail in a traditional gullet boat and dance all night in one of the various clubs in Istanbul.


What to do:  Walk along the Petrin hill, a favorite place for lovers. Climb a boat and see the city from the river Modalva, spend a night at the Prague Opera.

Why it’s romantic: Prague is a place to relax, where you can get lost in alleys holding hands and crossing bridges with baroque houses on both sides.


Immerse yourself in the thermal waters of the Blue Lagoon, admire the largest glacier in Europe and explore the waterfalls on the ring road are just some of the experiences that Iceland offers. And if you are lucky enough to enjoy an Aurora Borealis, it will be the most romantic vacation you can have.

Huvafen Fushi Spa (Maldives Islands):

Staying here is a delight, but relaxing at the spa is the perfect way to pamper you. Enjoy a unique massage in the world, because the resort is located underwater.

Victoria Falls (Zambia):

The spectacular beauty of this place will make nature become an accomplice of a unique moment in the months when the waterfalls it is possible to walk near the shore and enjoy one of the most impressive views.