How would she caress her?


Every man will say that he can caress his woman. However, are you sure she does it enough … intensely and well to make a woman go crazy just from caresses? Read the tipsbelow and see if you are sure you are doing it “right”? Or maybe you are just starting your … adventure with the female body and want to atleast “lick” the subject?

Head – You may be surprised, but start by massaging her head. Stroke her, play with her hair. Women really like it. The line between the hair and face is the most sensitive. Do you think that women love visiting hairdressers?

Ears – If the head is and ears! Contrary to what you see on pornols, or what you heard from friends – NO, a woman doesn’t like when you put her tongue in herear! Remember. At most, you can whisper into a ear a different pig, or how much you like her, or what you want to do to her tonight. Light licking, nibbling, sucking  the earlobes – such “treatments” stimulate the work of the sex glands.

Lips – This is known, lips cannot be left out. You probably know everything about kisses … But you can not only kiss them. You can lightly touch them with your fingers. If your woman likes to feel dominated, bite themlightly (LIGHTLY!).

Neck – Let’s go lower and lower – Blow, lightly move your fingers, kiss … The back of the neckis a very delicate place … and if you are already here then …

Spine – according to Eastern medicine, it is an energy channel. So make sure that the energy spreads throughout the woman’s body, move your hand along the spineline, you can also do a light massage, but do it really gently and watch out for anytickles!

Hands – don’t forget about them. On the inside of the arms and forearms, the skin isextremely tender, don’t forget to touch them for a while.

Belly and navel – use your tongue. Do you realize that caressing the navel increases pelvic blood supply? Come caressing at this point up to the pubic mound – but don’t go any further!

Finally … “the beginning”, take care of  her buttocks. Rot, grab, kiss, bite! Women like even stronger caresses, ifyou do it really well thenonly a moment separates you from making it easier for you … access to the most innervated place in her body – which is between the anus and the clitoris.