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However, perverse sex is not really that different from “vanilla” sex. It is simply a new way to bond with your partner, have orgasms, and explore your sexuality. Whether you have saved your darkest fantasies for yourself or are already beginning to explore your most evil side, Friendly Fetish will help guide you through the wonderfully decadent world of perversion. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to open your mind and experience your wildest dreams come true with my 50 best fetish kink shades:

You’ve tried sex in every room in the house, watching porn together and sexting, and now you want more: Edgier! Stronger! Kinkier! Instead, put aside your judgments and come to the strange side; We don’t have cookies, but we had a lot of fun! Here are the top 10 activities to help you get familiar. (If you’re also looking for gift ideas, check out the best toys recommended by our favorited sex toy reviewers.)

Ahead! Hit that ass! Or lean in and feel the sweet sting from your partner’s hand. A great trick is to be light and sensual with a few strokes between strokes. Hands work great to start. Start with light strokes and increase strength to increase sensation. Warm up that beautiful butt before applying it with full force. For those seeking more intense pain, a shovel or strap can be used.

Ice cubes, warm water, candle wax; Sensually stroking each other’s bodies with anything that can change the temperature of the skin can certainly heat things up. Ice on the nipples followed by a warm tongue can increase arousal. Or try dripping warm wax slowly onto your partner’s skin, then remove it sensually after it cools down. Safety comes first, so do your homework to make sure you know how to safely play the temperature. (Check out Keep Your Cool: 5 Unique Toys Designed to Play at Temperature.)

Rope, handcuffs, necklaces, alas! With so much variety to choose from, it can be daunting to know where to start. The best advice: start simple. Add a pair of furry handcuffs to an encounter. Grab a scarf and tie your partner’s wrists, or to bed posts. Experiment with different ways to join to find out what works best for you, and what turns you on the most! (Why should you try it? Find out why Bondage can be so much fun.)

This is a huge area and it is open to almost anything and everything. The only rules are consent and security (and legality, but we hope that’s obvious). If you like high heels, leather, latex, silk, sashes, fur, or spandex, the list is endless, now you have a chance to play with it. Put on the sexiest heels and have sex only with them. Do you have something for the lace? Buy those sexy panties and tease your partner by allowing them a brief glimpse while they are together in the car. Blindfold and wear the fetish of your choice on each other. Bring any materials or items that turn you and your partner on. (Leather is a common fetish. Find out why Leather belongs to the fetish hall of fame.)

Swap roles for a day. If you are generally a woman, take the male role. The gender game may include cross-dressing and feminization. Add a little role play where gender roles are reversed. Wear clothes of the opposite gender for fun. Do a strip tease with a suit with feminine lingerie underneath. Fluency is the key to many problems, and participating in the genre game can provide a better understanding of pushing boundaries. However, respect the wishes and identity of others in this area.