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The first thing to do to be lucky in the sentimental (or even sexual) field with the viet girls is to stop thinking that you are a loser and stop self-pitying yourself. Continuing in this way, the only thing you will do is not to suffer, but simply to lose a myriad of opportunities.

Remember that it’s all a circle

The more you try with women, the more you succeed, the more your self-esteem and your safety rise and the more you become from unfortunate to lucky. In a nutshell, by removing this attitude from you, you will become more attractive and you will notice it yourself (as well as women).

Techniques For Finding A Girl

Once you approach the girl, you must move on to the conquest phase.

How to conquer a girl and make her your girlfriend?

Trying to keep a little mystery about you will not only help you impress her, but it will also forbid you to make a figure of what “seeks” a woman to approach. Even if you spontaneously do everything to woo a girl when you like, try to hold you back so you can seduce her and make her come after you later.

If she is the right woman for you, you will know when it is time to tell her your whole life and make sure that she is part of it.

The slow progression that helps you find a girl

It is very important to always be desired by women. Forget that you must make yourself heard as soon as you can, do not look for women at all hours, do not immediately reply to a text message making it seem that you are so alone that now you are afraid that by delaying fifteen minutes you will lose a woman.

Do not forget that this will always be one of the best strategies also because this tactic triggers a series of thoughts and attitudes in a woman who are truly infallible if you want her to follow you. The same thing happens to women when you look for one you like and she leaves you waiting. You go paranoid with a thousand questions right? When you date the single asian women you can find the best choice now.

How to find a girl

  • Here, just as they do it to you, you too learn to do it. This is one of the most important tips that not only won’t make you feel like a man who can’t find a girl but won’t even make you look like a girl.
  • Another important thing is to not be told no.

An example of a phrase that can help you find a girl:

Instead of asking a girl to hang out with this sentence, “What are you doing on Saturday? Would you like to have a coffee? “

Choose a phrase that leaves no space:

  • “Saturday at 18, I come to your house and take you to an appointment that you won’t easily forget, will you give me your address?”
  • Don’t accept when a woman tells you she won’t come on a date but will convince her to change her mind. But don’t let her decide everything even if you have nothing to do, and you always have time for her, invent something to not seem pathetic.
  • As we said before, make yourself desired.
  • Don’t always be the one who submits to the wishes of a woman just because in your life you have problems finding a woman a little “arm wrestling” increases the attraction, makes you look even more bastard and exciting.

By following these techniques you will surely be respected (and therefore you will never be anyone’s doormat) by girls, you will increase your self-esteem and the number of women in your life. You will see that your whole life will change for the better. Usually a better attitude makes you live better, not only in the sentimental field. The improvement will be gradual but you will notice it with pleasure.