Top Reasons To Use Japanese Sex Dolls


Japanese are known all over the world for their innovative skills. And the sex doll industry is no exception. It is said that the Japanese were the first in the world to bring about sex dolls into the market and there are other reasons why you need to use the Japanese sex dolls.

Cute and petite It is said that the women who have narrower body structure, narrow hips, and aren’t tall give men the idea to be their protector and this gives them the instinct to get attracted to them. The herculean shaped Caucasian men are highly attracted to this Asian feature.

  • Almond Shaped eyes 

While women in China have narrow eyes, which are angled in the downward direction, the women in Japan have almond eyes as they are angled in the upward direction. This is one of the unique features found in Japanese sex dolls.

  • Long black hair 

It is said that long black hair is a sign of fertility and especially black shade hair is said to be native to the Asian region. As men from other parts of the world don’t find women with black hair, this is very enticing to them.

  • Pubic hair 

The Japanese sex dolls don’t have clean shaved bodies. They have hair in the private parts. This gives a more humane like feel. Also, it is said that the more the hair in the private area, the larger the sex drive of the women. In real also, Japanese women have more public hair.

  • Small breasts 

Big breasts are become a very normal thing now with the coming in of silicone surgeries. The gravity-defying boobs have become the most sought after. But the real fact is that many males prefer smaller sized boobs as the number of layers of tissue over the breasts is less thus creating more sensation. These Japanese sex dolls have small yet tight boobs.

Though there are a lot of sex dolls manufactured in Europe and the USA, the Japanese sex dolls have their market with people queuing up to get their adult doll due to the above-mentioned reasons.